Getting to 20 Trove Mastery as Fast as Possible

May 9, 2020 (updated 3 months ago) by TFMHisztike


Have problems getting to 20 trove mastery? Cant use the marketplace bc u stuck at getting mastery at so early? Wanna do "speedrun" on alt accounts how fast u can get ur trove mastery to 20 bc u have nothing else to do? Also need disaeon and hard to refer other ppl?

This guide will help u on ur way and guarantees to obtain ur first 20 trove mastery, after that u can use the marketplace to make things easy
SCOLL DOWN if ur lazy to read c:
[numbers here with this color are my time]

U created ur account its fresh it have nothing on it or u already started playing and started discovering the worlds, hop on ur slow sebastian and u realize its name is makes sense bc its one of the slowest mounts ingame

1. TROVESAURUS PROMOTIONS click here and use the codes for free mastery, unlimited codes will work with multiple accounts, u dont need new trovesaurus accounts for them to claim

Salt Sower - 50 Trove Mastery | Hexflame Harrier - 50 Trove Mastery
Sancturary Shuttle - 50 Trove Mastery / 50 Geode Mastery | Mapphew - 10 Trove Mastery /10 Geode Mastery

- 50 Trove Mastery | Spaceosaurus - 50 Trove Mastery | Papa Sage - 10 Trove Mastery

USE A FRIEND CODE scroll to the bottom of the home page and the other players Refer-a-Friend codes, it will help them progress in the badge to get Disaeon after u reached ur 20th trove mastery and u will get instantly a free starter class coin (this only works if u are under 20 trove mastery)

U did well, u now should start with around trove mastery lvl 8, almost done with the half!
 Note: This will be the best if u are doing it on Saturday - EXP Day

2. Picking starter class, its optimal, id recommend Boomeranger for multiple reasons: its a class what can use both melee and bow weapons, meaning u are getting mastery for both weapon styles, lvl 3 will unlock u the 1 ability (Big Bomb) what is basically a free big bomb, can mine with it by digging down in 1 spot and placing the bomb underground, can get into the dungeons faster with bombing the edges with the skill, chickens op early game

Now u picked ur first class, ur in the tutorial area, who need that? Skip it, THIS is the tutorial
(if u want to do it fast and know the basics already, do not skip if u just started lul)

3. Go to Medieval Highlands and hope for a good spawn, example:

Peaceful Hills (dark green) is a bad place, u dont want that, u only want Medieval Highlands (light green) close to u, more dungeons nearby means faster progress

Open the Store (press N) buy the free mount Bounding Bundt Cake what instantly gives u 50 trove mastery, also get the free starter class coin, unlocking classes and swapping to it gives u the starter costumes helmet style what also 10 mastery

Start doing the tutorial quests, it is important we will do it till the 1 day patron
Only reason Peaceful Hills is good bc theres a lot of cornerstones, first quest is to claim one, pick one and place ur cornerstone

Use the Rally Blade at the start to teleport on others and annoy them, it helps u "fast travel" to dungeons what they are doing and getting u easy gear/exp

If u are using boomer, that means u can use both melee (sword) and ranged (bow) weapons, swap to a sword as fast as u can, with bow u will suffer

4. Mine as much shapestone as u can like 100-ish will be enough, u are going to get ring crafting to level 50 later for more mastery

5. Get into Permafrost [3min 30sec]
The time this whole took above (except preparing) should take around 3-4 min till u can enter Permafrost, there is an NPC now at the start, it give a quest to mine glacial shards, pick it up, little extra exp is always nice, continue doing tutorial quest till u can enter the next area

6. Enter Cursed Vale [7min 50sec]
We are at 7-8 mins of gameplay nice! Dont forget to pick up the outpost quest from the NPC at the start, this will be the last world we are staying (atleast in this "tutorial") just continue doing the tutorial quest of doing 6 dungeons and mine ores, when u are at the ringcrafting quest make 50 ringboxes to get the ringcrafting skill into lvl 50, that should be one of the last quests before the 1 day patron
Note: Also if u see Golden Soul somewhere u can pick it up, just like mushrooms and bones, will be used later

7. Getting 1 Day Patron [15min 20sec]
This is the only reason we are doing the tutorial quests, patron means double exp, this means double progress, u notice that i never mention to lootcollect stuff right? Ur not really grinding ur brain out in 15 mins, now this is the time to lootcollect everything, every piece of gear drop is 1 mastery its like a treasure for u every mastery point piece is gold and u want it all

8. Enter the Hub [17min 25sec]
Yay we are back here, now go to the big dragon statue and craft any 1 dragon soul if u found any golden souls, it will give u a helmet style what is 10 mastery, if Luxion is there u can waste all the drag coins u have, also buy drag coins from the store for cubits and buy luxion souls till the ally, nice 10 + 50 mastery
If u dont have any souls u still need to come back here for the BR.. or just CTRL + B.. >.>

9. Enter Bomber Royale
NOW, this is where all the time will be "wasted" select a different TRIAL class, the weaker ones like Shadow Hunter or Chloro
If u doing it u can even play, i personally hate doing this so im jus hiding till im in the last 4 and then jump down, make sure if u really bad at it to only die being 10th or less, it will give 1 coin, if u are 4th u will get 2 coins. if u win it u will get 3, if u do it good u can survive 5 matches till u are the 4th, this saves a lot of time in this "speedrun"
Why are we doing this? First of all 1 Bomber Royale match will bring the trial class to max lvl (4), other thing u want is the Tome for 10 coins, it gives 100 mastery, u really need that

10. Getting the BR Tome [43min]
Finally u have all the 10 coins, i know it tooks awhile but worth it now u got ur free 100 mastery tome u should be really close like 18 or 19 mastery lvl now, all u have to do now is getting several trials to lvl 4, u can do that with br, i had enough and went back to Medieval Highlands and just farmed it, Lootcollect the gear u get, throw the starglint pins and hope for mount/pin helm, mount gives 50 mastery, the helmet gives 10
Do this till u finish, i did it in [50min 15 sec] and this is how the 20 trove mastery run ends :)

0min - enter game (prepared with codes, buy free stuff from store)
3min 30sec - permafrost (use rally blade and do the outpost quest)
7min 50sec - cursed vale (do outpost too, try to find golden soul)
15min 20sec - 1d patron (2x exp)
17min 25sec - lootcollect (all of em sweet gear drops)
43min - 10 br coin (hide till u 4th, repeat 5 times, get the 100 mr tome)
50min 15sec - trials to lvl 4, lootcollect, smashing pins and hope for mount/headstyle till 20 truv mr (ez win)

Hopes it will help to the ppl who want to do the refer-a-friend badge fast by themselves or ppl who got stuck at 20 mastery :3

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