20 Trove Mastery Speedrun

May 9, 2020 (updated 7 months ago) by TFMHisztike

Have problems getting to 20 Trove Mastery? Cant use the marketplace bc you stuck at getting Mastery at so early? Wanna do "speedrun" on alt accounts how fast you can get your Trove Mastery to 20 bc you have nothing else to do? Also need Disaeon and noone wants to use your code?

This guide will help you on your way and guarantee to obtain your first 20 Trove Mastery as fast as possible, after that you can use the Marketplace to make things easy

It will be the best if you are doing this on Saturday - EXP Day


You created your account its fresh it have nothing on it or you already started playing and started discovering the worlds, hop on your Slow Sebastian and you realize its name is makes sense bc its one of the slowest mounts ingame..
This is what you do to get some Mastery first, before even starting the game itself

TROVESAURUS PROMOTIONS click here and use the codes for FREE Mastery, unlimited codes will work with multiple accounts, you dont need new Trovesaurus account for them to claim
Console players need to link their account first, CLICK HERE





USE A FRIEND CODE scroll to the bottom of the home page and the other players Refer-a-Friend codes
It will help them progress in the Diamond Refer A Friend Badge to get Disaeon the Immortal after you reached your 20th Trove Mastery and you will get instantly a free Starter Class Coin (this only works if you are under 20 Trove Mastery)


You did well, have the free mounts from the site, now you should start with Trove Mastery lvl 6, but what class you should choose to do things quick?

Picking starter class is optimal, but id recommend Boomeranger for multiple reasons:

  • Its a class that can use both melee and bow weapons, means you are getting mastery for both weapon types
  • LVL 3 will unlock the 1 ability (Big Bomb) what is basically a free Big Bomb, can mine with it by digging down with your laser a bit and placing the bomb underground, it will destroy the area on the sides and above, also helps getting lots of blocks that you will use to reach dungeons quicker
  • Can get into the dungeons faster with bombing the edges/sides with the skill
  • Chickens are OP early game

Knight is a nice choice too, it is better if you are starting the game and not just speedrunning it for the 20 Trove Mastery, it is also much stronger and can glide in the air if you are spamming 1

Now you picked your first class, your in the tutorial area, who need that? Skip it, THIS is the tutorial ;)
But really, its mostly a time waste if you are going for the FAST 20 Trove Mastery


We need to do the Tutorial Quests till the 1 Day Patron so leveling classes later will be way faster with Bomber Royale

Hubdate changed some things with the Tutorial Quest, mostly just made it longer and req more world changing back to the Hub

  • Enter the Hub, close the tutorial window that pops up
  • Run forward (SOUTH) talk to Qubesly

Things are going to be a bit repetitive and you want to use Rally Blade a lot, because why would you go to the dungeon when you can teleport on someone,  who is already at one? ;) Using them as fast travel points

PRO TIP: Some dungeons are really high and with 2 jumps you cant really access them, but doing the dungeons the "correct way" is also way too time consuming.. If you are using your Big Bomb few times, im sure u got already few hundred blocks so why not using them? Press Tab and enter building mode, start building under yourself and jump

  • Go to Permafrost, pick up the quest, use Rally Blade, do 6 Dungeons, also mine some Glacial Shards to complete the quest for some extra EXP
  • Go back to Hub, go forward (SOUTH) talk to Qubesly
  • press: i, F1, ESC

Check your inventory and hope for gears that have Jump in it, it will make everything much easier and you will need it later to access Qubesly faster

  • Go to Cursed Vale, talk to NPC, take the quest, do 6 Dungeons, make sure you do one that have Cursed Skulls "boss"
  • Mine 120-150 Shapestone Ore, if you can find Golden Soul then take it bc it will be good for Dragon Soul for some extra Mastery
  • Go to Hub, go to "Crafters Corner" (NORTHWEST) talk to Qubesly
  • Craft 50 Ring Boxes, equip one with Jump

You should have around 10 Trove Mastery now, already at half way and we only spent few mins ;)

  • Go to Leaderboard Lounge, 8-9 Jumps needed to talk to Qubesly on the 2nd floor or just use the Anti Gravity Blocks on the side
    the building is located EAST from Crafters Corner, it is basically next to it
  • Jump down, use the Loot Collector to collect every gear you got and go SOUTHWEST, que up for a Delve

You have max 5 mins before the Delve starts:

The Delve is going to be a bit difficult, look out for the boss attacks, it can easily 1tap you if you are not careful

  • Finish the 1 Delve, go back to Hub with CTRL + A
  • Decide your adventure quest: Talk to the NPC that have purple aura just like Qubesly had, [Bubs] NORTHWEST on the roof or go WEST underground into the Geodian Guild Hall to talk to Amberine

You can talk to anyone, and no need to do the quest they give, because talking with one of them will give u the 1 Day Patron Pass, just what we were looking for and no need to do anymore tutorial quests from now till the 20 Trove Mastery


We are going to level some trial classes now

Before going to Bomber, if it is an option, then we are going to spend some stuff that we got ;)

Now you can enter Bomber Royale, this is what will take the most of your time, we are going to get 10 Bomber Royale Coin: Season Two coins

  • Select a different TRIAL class
  • You can even actually play if you like Bomber, i personally hate it so im just hiding till im in the last 4 and then jump down
  • Make sure be atleast in the top 10, it will give you 1 coin per game, if you are 4th you will get 2 coins and that is great
  • If you do it good you can survive 5 matches that you are in the 4 last players, this saves a lot of time in this "speedrun"

But why are we doing Bomber Royale?

  • 1 Bomber Royale match will bring the trial class to lvl 4, it is the max it can be, leveling classes gives exp, and it gives mastery
  •  Other thing you really want is the Bomb-nanza Balance Sheet: Season Two Legendary Tome for 10 BR coins, it gives 100 Trove Mastery

After getting 10 Bomber Royale Coin: Season Two coins you can buy the Bomb-nanza Balance Sheet: Season Two Tome and then all you have to do is:

  • Getting several trial classes to lvl 4 till you reach lvl 20 Trove Mastery
    You can do that with more Bomber Royale, i had enough and went back to Medieval Highlands and just farmed it
  • Lootcollect all the gear you got from the Dungeons if you not farming Bomber again
  • Throw the Starglint Pinatas you got from Starbar and hope for Starglint Pinata mount or the Starglint Safeguard helmet
    Mount gives 50 Trove Mastery, the helmet gives 10 Trove Mastery

Do this till you finish and this is how the Fast 20 Trove Mastery run ends c: thanks for reading and i hope it helped a little

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