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Class Coin Edition

January 13, 2015 by Trove Forums
  • Players now start with a non-tradable class coin which grants a free class. 
  • The Gunslinger class now must be unlocked in the store. All existing players will still have the Gunslinger unlocked.
  • You can now purchase a tradable class coin on the store for 1200 Credits.
  • Your name is now colored gold in chat if you are max mastery rank
  • Flasks are now 750 credits down from 1300 - your credits will be returned to you if you already purchased flasks
  • You can now join the official trade channel by checking Settings -> [Social] -> [Join Trade Chat] 
  • The player that uses a shadow key to unlock a shadow arena portal now gets a reserved slot in the shadow arena 
  • The player who unlocked a shadow arena portal can now kick other players from the arena with /kick  
  • Shadow Dungeons are now more common
  • Invasions no longer drop prisms
  • Tentacles are now slightly rarer drops. 
  • Added missing deco to workbench
  • Neon Ninja's basic attack now reaches further and all levels of the shuriken now deal more damage.
  • Candy barbarian smash attack now does 33% less damage to blocks.
  • The Fae Trickster can no longer teleport into spaces too small to fit.
  • The Ice Sage's Icicles now only explode when they hit the ground instead of exploding when they hit foes and not doing enough AE damage
  • Fixed bug where riding a mag rider could teleport you outside of world bounds 
  • Fixed bug where players with the "appear offline" option set still appeared as online to friends 
  • Adjusted rendering color curve (improves some color contrast). 
  • Improved performance of object rendering. 
  • Slightly improved performance of liquid pixelshader 
  • Minor server optimizations and increased server logging (we're tracking down the lag issues, promise!) 
  • Improved performance of liquid vertex shader. 
  • Fixed bug where dodging while attacking and walking backwards made you dodge forward 
  • Fix to volume sliders affecting sounds correctly. Music affects all music - including music blocks, and sfx slider affects all other non-music audio including UI now. 
  • Autumn and Winter pinatas should now drop updated recipes 
  • Fixed spinning mag riders 
  • Corrected screen flickering issue when dying 
  • Recipe lairs in Undead biomes will now generate as often as all other biomes. 
  • Players now automatically stop using abilities when switching between Adventure and Build modes. 
  • Stone Hearth is no longer craftable. 
  • Neon City "grass" is now craftable at the Cube Converter. 
  • Snowfest lairs have been deactivated. 
  • Liquid chocolate audio added. 
  • The Volcano dungeon in Dragonfire Peaks should now properly spawn an exit portal. 
  • New pistol styles by Walyn, Snaggor, Aethoryn, Aceship, Stedms, Cats_Sky, 5p3x, lizard455, GadgetCAT, Valaadus, GoldenDragon, Nox, Arkawn, Dyceman, Jalana, Qoaleth, and DogG6 have been added to the game! 
  • New face styles by NinjaKitten, Kokaburr, Arnoxuz, Axelbrito, Capteal, ShamusAran, FellMartyr, Qoaleth and Mouserat have been added to the game 
  • New hairstyles by Dragoes, Tomoki, WaffleBoy, Fhilian and Subtitles have been added to the game! 
  • New hat styles from Tribe, Zareko, Gameheros, Tichondria, Ixion, Aviarei, TehRedReaper, AddAustin, Solipso, and Phydra have been added to the game! 
  • New staves by Patt, Kodiakman, Tichondria, EdgeG, Astrum, EpicMidget, Uberzolik, Aceship, Heat777, Solipso, and Skritnic have been added to the game! 
  • New melee styles by MiszterSoul, Zerock, AlphaJD, Bahamuth, Ranen, MtkEndamine, Kobitz, Stedms, Kyameron, TheGiv32, EyeballPrincessII, Chadpole, Cretoriani, KingDead95, KtlavskoX, Aodahn, Protichsx, FaDiel, Alterblade, SillyBob, GadgetCAT, LemanRuss, RayLemon, Smorph, Enever, Blindside, Quedifuv, Dirkalo, FriedSushi, MajorTom, Erudito, Omenlex, Khang, Cloudvox, Kikkinwang, Lordgale, iLugag, Danieru, Wakan_Cheshire, 909mody, and Afalach have been added to the game!


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