Trovesaurus Development Updates - February 2020

March 4, 2020 (updated 8 months ago) by Etaew

Here is a list of the changes to Trovesaurus during February 2020. Let me know what you think about these changes and anything that you would like to see us work on either in the comments or on the #trovesaurus-website channel in the Trovesaurus Discord.


  • News Feed: The news feed no longer just shows news articles, other useful and short news will appear there too
  • Home Page: We've reworked a lot of the home page for easier access to the database and mods
  • Nav Bar: The navbar now has two columns to help make longer lists manageable
  • Profiles: You can now like and comment on user profiles
  • Clubs: PS4 server setting is now split by region
  • Artists: When you create art it is now hidden until you publish it, to help you make final tweaks


Home Page:

  • It's now possible to include short messages from other sources in the news feed, for now, this will state the weekly bonus and chaos chest rotation
  • Added a Luxion list to the feed
  • The database section has moved to an icon display that matches with the game (placeholder links remain for items/deco)
  • For the database section, added labels to Badges / Combat / Travel and Styles to help differentiate them (two dragons)
  • Today in Trove now lists the daily adventure for the day and the reward
  • The mods section now will always display at least 3 mods and will no longer hide when no mods have been added in the last 48 hours
  • Added a link to mod types directly
  • Increased the minimum amount of art and mods displayed from 3 to 6
  • Made the database and feed look a bit better on small resolutions
  • Weekly Bonuses and Chaos Chest rotations are now displayed on the feed as they would be in Today in Trove (may remove them from that section)
  • Today in Trove events that are in the past (if they are displayed elsewhere) will now show "ended" instead of a magical timer that has no relation
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect links for Gun / Fist weapon styles
  • References to posting on a profile page are no longer shown as "unhandled user"
  • Recent Comments now show a preview of the comment and now have a direct link to the comment on the date


  • Added new tag [luxioninlinelist=visit_id] to output the visit list
  • Added new tag [questdaily=eventid] which lists the daily adventures and rewards for an event
  • Added tag [weeklybonus=id] and [weeklychaoschest=id] (mostly for internal use)
  • Added new tag for [creationicons=type|status]

Nav Bar:

  • Renamed "More" to "Tools" and moved several mod tools onto it
  • Moved "Designers" to the "Community" menu
  • Moved "Strings" and "Sounds" to the "Database" menu
  • Moved "Events" from "Community" to "News"
  • The dropdowns on the navbar have been given two columns because they were getting long and painful


  • Removed tooltips when you hover over user links


  • Added a "Browse" tab, which lists the contents of Luxion over the history split by type
  • Cleaned up the Browse tab so that icons weren't super small on mobiles
  • Added the visit years into accordions so they weren't taking up loads of space on the left


  • When no event is selected, and one is active, the events page will default to information about the current event
  • Added support for tracking daily adventures in the database, assigned to an event, we will make use of this information more, starting with our guides to standardise our appearance


  • This page now looks less awkward on mobiles


  • Strings search will now also cover keys and not just values e.g. $Collections_Category_Aura or partial


  • Added new notifications for unpublished art, this will display art that has not been published (it won't display art that was published, announced and then hidden again)


  • Internal feature, I can now edit pages so that they can have additional text on the news feed



  • If you an editor of some content you can now edit the tags for the content (e.g. guides)


  • Moved the public posts section to the bottom of the profile for now
  • Removed the text areas from the edit profile page and onto edit buttons next to the content themselves
  • Removed the separate user posts system and converted to the comment system, the bonus is that you can now like profiles. This still respects the "Profile Posts" setting on your profile, so you can have it turned off
  • Profile Posts have been renamed Profile Comments
  • The options for profile comments are now on and off (removed an option for friends only)
  • All users now have access to the profile comments option which has been removed from Edit Profile and now exists as 2 buttons above the comment area that only you can see
  • Fixed an issue preventing seeing a way to edit the about text on your profile when you had none set
  • You can now block and unblock users directly from their profiles
  • Fixed an issue where some of the older posted comments were duplicated and hidden
  • You are now no longer restricted to one comment
  • Clubs the user is a part of are now split by platform, this helps clear things up a little if the user plays on multiple platforms

Styles/Change Profile Icon:

  • Fixed an issue where some missing preview images were shown on the Change Profile option of some styles


  • Increased the page load speed of the All Modders tab, by removing the list of recent mods


  • Fixed an issue where links for mods with names that included non-standardised characters were broken e.g. mod=x/ these will now work


  • The My Clubs section on the side now has a yellow indicator if you can edit that club
  • Split the PS4 group for clubs into PS4/NA and PS4/EU to represent different servers
  • Club images count is now cached so that the database gets taxed less
  • Removed the tab for "updated" (this just shows the clubs that have gone the longest without a site update - useless for members)
  • Added new position for "Clubs Manager" (fake title, just someone who can edit images and props of a club)
  • Clubs Managers now have access to the previous "Updated" tab (now renamed to "Last Updated") so they have a work queue
  • Clubs Managers also have access to a new "No Images" field which will list clubs with no image set and no logo set and no images uploaded to their gallery
  • Applied number formatting to Props badge
  • Cleaned up the Members tab slightly and added to the sidebar


  • Uploaded art is now hidden by default when you are ready to publish, press the "Show" button
  • As part of this change, any art that was previously hidden will need to be hidden again, I'm sorry
  • When no challenges are active, the challenge box is hidden in the upload art form
  • Removed (admin only) mute announce feature from the upload art form
  • Removed (few only) schedule publish feature from the upload art form
  • Removed add to folder feature from upload art form (it remains on the View Art page)
  • Unpublished art has a bigger alert on the top right when you are viewing it now


  • Fixed an issue where you were forced to pick a biome when editing a helmet, helmets don't need a biome assigned


  • Item / Collection / Style pages have had their "use as profile icon" buttons removed and replaced with a preview that looks the same on all pages


  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't use pagination on some numeric forms of searches, e.g. 001


  • If an item is used as a crafting bench, it will no longer duplicate the recipes
  • If a crafting bench only has one category, that category name is hidden (to match the game format), and the list is automatically expanded, additionally, if there is only one crafting ingredient it will display instead of a show materials button
  • If the item is a crafting bench, the recipe needed to craft the bench will now always be displayed on the main page


  • Replaced the default sidebar on the individual pack page, moved the pack mastery and cost info there, added new info about whether it is available on the rewards section and at what token cost


  • Names of collections now match that of game Pets are now Allies etc
  • Replaced the icon on the collections page to the one used in the collections page in-game
  • Fishing Poles has been combined with the Fish category


  • Added a palette image download to the QB Colour Tool for use with MagicaVoxel

Current Task List

A handful of major items from my current task list, it grows daily and sometimes shrinks. Let me know if there is something in particular that you are looking forward to.

  • Integrate Art and Mod challenges into the event pages so they are easier to find
  • Improve the image fields so that people don't have to upload elsewhere and use a URL (drag and drop, or file upload)
  • Add a preview tab for Modsly and Artsly Discord and Twitter announcements
  • Add a game timeline feature (better view for Returning Players) and update to be current
  • Cache Mod Pack zip downloads for performance
  • Invite older Modders to submit their creations on the new section
  • Import other database language files to use as a sort for the translation tool
  • Work on an abilities importer and ties to blueprints
  • Finish and release the personal task list feature
  • Import the badge rewards table
  • Finish "stufftodo" tool
  • Allow flagging/hiding of stuff you already own from the Rewards section
  • Display Upcoming Events on Today in Trove
  • Finish the fixtures information page
  • Investigate autocomplete on search
  • Investigate combining duplicate database pages such as _notrade versions and collection/item versions
  • Improve account registrations when the name is taken and not activated
  • Investigate a method for users to request account deletions
  • Add a dedicated PTS page
  • Add a dedicated Shadow Tower page
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