Trovesaurus Development Updates - January 2020

February 2, 2020 (updated 2 months ago) by Etaew

Here is the change log for Trovesaurus for the month of January 2020.

Home Page and Navigation Changes

Today in Trove

  • Standardised the widgets that are displayed so they are more consistant and easier to edit
  • Sorted the widgets in ascending date order (finishing items will be nearer the top)
  • Added a test section for Club Adventures as part of Today in Trove which can be hidden along with the other Today in Trove options
    • Users who are members of a club on the website can report Rare, Epic and Legendary Club Adventures
    • Adventures are listed by platform that the users have set, and when not logged in it defaults to the PC list
    • To report a club adventure press the + in the header of the sidebar widget, select which club you are reporting, select the npc that has spawned and enter the hours and minutes until it leaves

Home Page

  • Added support for me pin news pages for important info
  • Pinned a page relating to the marketplace at the top
  • Removed the news summary text and condensed the boxes
  • Added a configuration option to hide livestream banners within the Today in Trove settings "..." button
  • Added some qubesly related images to the News and Art sections
  • Renamed the Art section to Fan Art
  • Fan art will always display at least 3 images and never be hidden
  • Swapped out our logo and text with an older version, set as favicon
  • added a quick action panel above today in trove
  • A single click to take you to the add art / add mod / my creations page / report club adventure (requires being in a club), and the mail
  • Thanks to @TFMHisztike for creating the icons
  • Removed section for the Dev Tracker, it wasn't needed in that form, there is a link on the News section
  • Hid the Trovesaurus introduction text for people logged in
  • Added a reminder for artists who have an outstanding dev dream challenge, it can be found under the quick actions
  • Guest judges for art challenges can now highlight entries themselves instead of relaying their choices to me
  • Artists can now update their own art without moderator approval, however we do still keep a backup in case of abuse


  • Removed icons and changed style of the links to try to make it a little cleaner, added Discord / Twitter icons to the right
  •  News:
    • Removed Community Spotlight and Interviews, as those sections aren't really submitted to lately.
    • You can still find all news tags on the left hand side of the News page
    • Changed Patches to link to the News page filter for Patch tag instead of its own page
  • Mods:
    • Changed Download Mod Loader to TroveTools.NET and changed link to the github site
  • Community:
    • Removed link to Site Languages, there isn't a large demand for non English stuff at the moment
    • Moved Events to More nav menu
  • Guides:
    • Moved Class Builds from More nav
    • Moved link after Gallery
  • Gallery:
    • Renamed to Fan Art
    • Added the 5 most recent art challenges to the nav menu
  • More:
    •  Removed Forum Tracker
    • Removed Lore

Modding Changes

  • Hid the "Forum Thread" button from the Quick Menu for Mods that don't have one set, as that is no longer a requirement for the submissio process.
  • Changed the button "Install Automatically (TroveTools.NET)" to "Install with TroveTools.NET" so it fits on one line
  • If you collaborated on a mod, you will also receive a private message when a mod is accepted (previously only the original authors of that mod did)
  • The add mod page is now clear of all other content
  • Added a cancel and return to mods link
  • Mod Packs can now be downloaded in a single .zip via Trovesaurus (as well as old method of using TroveTools.NET)
  • Guest judges for mod challenges can now highlight entries themselves instead of relaying their choices to me
  • When you set a replaces field with the first line that is a name / tag of a recognised collection, we will store a "rig" field
  • This field will enable a much faster "mods that use this rig" box on the rigs page
  • Even though the rig can automatically be detected (we've done this where possible), you can override it when you edit the mod
  • Adding files will now recalculate the mods file count, instead of just incrementing
  • Removing files will now recalculate the mods file count, and unpublish the mod if count is 0
  • You can now request ownership of unclaimed mods through a form instead of mailing me. (It still mails me, but allows you to enter proof at the same time)

Art Changes

  • Added a new tab labelled "Discover"
    • This tab shows you a random list of art that you may have not seen before
    • If you are logged in, it will filter out art that you have liked
    • Refresh the page to generate another list
  • Moved the "Highlight" yellow badge from the bottom, next to the contest tag, it makes it nicely smaller
  • Viewing art and using the [artlarge=x] tag will put a limit of 640px height, to help with long page scrolls.
  • The Add Art and Large Uploader form are now displayed on their own
  • Attempted to be clearer in the instructions to use them, and cut down on what is visible
  • Feedback and suggestions are welcome to help trim the fat and make uploading easier on desktop and mobiles
  • Renamed Gallery to Fan Art

Creations Changes

  • Added new stage for Rewarded between Accepted and Added
  • Discord now announces when a creation is Accepted
  • When a creation is linked it now generates an image
  • Users who have had a creation acecpted are now recognised with a role and colour on the site
  • Visit your profile to set your active colour with the boxes to the right of your username
  • Changed type of field for Troxel links to URL, should hopefully solve some issues with people not entering correct URLs
  • Comments on creation pages now show at a much larger width, because they get quite wordy
  • Fixed an issue where some notifications didn't generate when you were mentioned
  • Creation status change comments now appear in their own unique format

Tool Changes


  • [collection=name] and [name] will now exclude badges from the first pass so for example [Azorian the Blue] will return a mount instead of a badge by the same name
  • NPCs links can now return from smart tags e.g. [biped_hero_sunseeker_hooded]
  • Added tag [creation=id] this also fixes an issue where notifications for likes and comments on creation pages looked weird

Colour Matching


  • The notifications page has received small appearance and functionality update
  • The notifications page can be reached from the bottom of the notifications modal (clicked on the navigation bar)
  • Moved the Unread and Read buttons to the left, and added Pinned button, and a button to take you to your Notification Settings
  • Read notifications can be filtered by type
  • Read notifications can be pinned, unpinned, or marked unread

Comments and Likes:

  • When you have commented or liked on a thing, it now displays as disabled, so you are less tempted to try to press it again (which didn't do anything)


  • Adjusted the appearance of results
  • Included a new badge indicating where we think it is used, and if it might be unused

Club Adventures

  • Wrote support for posting to Discord when you set a club adventure via Trovesaurus
  • Expired adventures will be automatically pruned every 15m

Prefab Tool

  • Trial usage of icons in the select boxes, as well as searchable


  • For your sanity (mostly mine), claimed rewards are now paginated with results of 15. All those Dev Dreams!!! ALL OF THEM!!!

Database Changes


  • Adjusted the way we store badge requirements and re-added all the data
  • This is now displayed slightly differently on the collection pages now, and will allow me to sort these in an easier method elsewhere on the site

Collection/Information Request

  • Can no longer be pressed when you already have a pending request


  • The No Troxel task no longer lists collections which we can find troxel links for using alternative methods (reduced list by over half)
  • You will now get a notification when your image is accepted, and a private message when it is rejected
  • The contributions page has been condensed slightly and the navigation and your contribution stats moved to side, claim tokens to the top-right


  • Updated the style of the NPCs page, moved to a side navigation
  • The default view has been renamed "Browse" and features an accordion list of Folders and Types of NPCs
  • The old view has become "View All"
  • The category view has been added to an accordion
  • Npc flags has been moved to its own tab
  • Fixed an issue where npcs within two boss subfolders weren't able to be displayed on the page (e.g. delve/boss/dreadnought)
  • Moved the navigation to the side
  • Added two new tabs for Parts (already displayed on main view) and Rig (now displays other npcs that use the rig)


  • Removed the individual merchant pages, they now are subpages of the main merchants page
  • Added a new sidebar to the merchants page which lists the merchants and a brief description
  • Added commenting to merchants


  • Added colour codes to block pages, as well as preview colours


  • Converted to a full width side navigation
  • Added the trophies to an accordion for less scrolly

Database Importer:

  • Rewrote the blueprint parts importer, as it was an old horrible mess before. This fixes a few issues where parts were not imported (specifically Minimoonga ally).
  • Rewrote the way we import Hair, this picked up 10 that we previously didn't have

Content Changes

  • Added users who have permanent Trovesaurus Gold to the list of Gold Members
  • Added year summaries to the Site Stats
  • Searches
    • now lookup client strings (in English language)
    • Fixed an issue with pagination on Dev Tracker skipping results between pages
    • Collections with a single result match will display recipe if one exists for quicker info
  • Fixed an issue which displayed links to unpublished guides when browsing a tag (the guides were still not viewable)
  • Slightly improved the appearance of the Livestreams page by making full width and the boxes less weirdly weighted
  • Removed dedicated patches page
  • Squished the News header and intro text to the top left box so that news articles can start appearing further up the page.
  • Removed Forum Tracker
  • Removed Market Overview
  • Removed Lore

Other Changes


  • All messages from the site to Discord now is added to a queue
  • The queue will run every 1 minute and try to send 1 message
  • If a message fails to be sent, it will try again 2 more times
  • This should fix some issues where messages sent in quick succession sometimes weren't accepted. Although if no messages are posted in the next day we will know I broke things
  • Added us to Server Discovery
  • Artsly replaces Chronobot in announcing future art
  • Modsly replaces Modtronos in announcing future mods
  • Added new emojis for newsly, artsly and modsly thanks to @Commander Vitus (SkyTheVirus)


  • Mods usage now lists those that use the [name] or [id] tags and not just the old [collection=name or id] tags
  • The page is now full width with a side navigation of Collections/NPCs/Mods which include a count
  • Mods that use a rig, are now generated from the new rig field on the mods page.
  • This page is now much much faster, although some mods will still need some editing to be readable, and we're working through this queue
  • Re-imported all NPC rigs, the field I was previously using to show for rigs was a different type of grouping
  • Added a Rig Usage Report to the Rigs table for NPC
  • Added a new tab on the NPC page that displays npcs in the same group


  • Increased speed of page loading, at the expense of being less specific about item / deco count (and whether a mod is released yet)
  • Condensed the list slightly
  • Fixed an issue with an inconsistent count of mods with the display of mods
  • Adjusted the appearance slightly to a full width page with a side navigation

User Profiles:

  • Removed the coloured boxes to set your primary name colour, this was starting to get large
  • You can now click on the title themselves to set the colour, for example I could click Admin to get the red colour for the name
  • To address issues for those with large numbers of mods, mods that are listed in a Mod Pack are now hidden from the main mods list below
  • Updated the Mods Pack box to have a link to the mod pack, the description text, a preview image and a button to view the mods within the pack


  • Internally added easier tools for us to hide channels
  • Fixed an issue where hidden videos (removed by us or them) still counted in the popular channels list


  • Condensed the build preview page slightly
  • Removed the summary view, switched the navigation to left and attempted to condense the page further (more work needs to be done)
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