Items Being Granted Regarding Recent Purchase Issues - Jan 16

Mobi has written an update for the missing purchase items over on the forums.

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Hi Trovians,

We hope you are having a wonderful new year and we'd like to help address some of the recent concerns regarding payment issues and customer support tickets. Although our support team has been responding to tickets daily, we know a number of you are still waiting to get your specific issue resolved.

We have some good news, as our support and Glyph platform team are working together on a grant for many types of purchases that players did not receive correctly before. This grant however is for PC only and will not affect those who had errors purchasing on their console. We're still working on solutions for you, so make sure to tell us if you’ve been affected!

If you’ve purchased anything using Credits and are still waiting to receive it please send us a ticket, too. We'll do our best to make sure you get your items as soon as possible!

In your support tickets, please include the character name, platform, region, and proof of purchase where it's possible so we can verify these: order number/transaction ID, date and name of the pack. This will help us resolve your issue more quickly. You can submit a support ticket here:

Thanks for playing and being a part of the Trove Community!

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liked this!

Well i hope to get my items soon. Thanks