Trovesaurus Development Updates - December 2019

January 2, 2020 by Etaew

Work continues on keeping Trovesaurus up to date and with new features, here is what we worked on during the month of December 2019.

Today in Trove Configuration

You can now turn off sections that you aren't interested in from displaying on the site homepage sidebar [pic]

  • New in Chaos Chests
  • Luxion
  • Daily Bonus
  • Weekly Reset
  • Weekly Bonus
  • Game Events
  • Game Event Quests
  • Game Event Benches
  • Calendar

VFX Modding

Released a new tool to help you swap VFX from one file to another.

Positive results are not guaranteed.

Collectables Tracker

Introduced a test feature to help keep track of your collectables.

This was demonstrated for the Snowfest Bench [pic]

  • Under the Event Quest Tracker  is a Event Bench Tracker
  • This tracker lists the items you can unlock during the event
  • Clicking on the checkbox will mark them as complete for you (and hide them from the list)
  • You can click the V button to view a dedicated page with a list of materials
  • When you have collected all of the items, the section folds away like the Event Quest Tracker


  • Tooltips: Adjusted the style to use cards and removed description from the tooltip
  • Browse: Adjusted the style to use cards
  • Mod Challenge Highlights:
    • Mods featured now display this in a similar way to how we do for art
    • Yyou will also get notifications if your mod has been highlighted
  • Edit: Added a small Edit button next to the Replaces field, for more accessible way to set these values, you can still use the old method


  • Mail: You can now use the same emotes as the trial chat system
  • Profile:
    • Removed the separate Trove Mastery and Geode Mastery numbers on the top-right of your profile
    • Added a sigil that displays the appropriate image based on the Mastery and Power Rank of the highest class you have set on your profile.
    • Added a sigil to each class on your classes view
    • Mastery, Class Level and Power Rank inputs now have mins and maxes, cleaned some entries from some profiles which played with these values
    • Your Likes list can now be filtered by type, mods and art display their standard previews instead of a list
    • Likes are now accessible from the sites top profile navigation menu


  • NPCs: Condensed the page a little
  • Collections: We can now set a custom name, or disable internal searches for some common names like "Pixel" as results weren't often related
  • Items/Lootboxes:
    • Wrote an easier way for us to add contents to the pages
    • Adjusted the Loot Table view from a list into an accordion grid of icons
    • Added support for displaying karma information, whether a box has no karma, has karma, has karma with patron bonus or has a fast karma bar
  • Chaos Core Crafter: Release dates have been added to the recipe list to show when the item was released, or what has yet to be released (from our perspective)
  • Chaos Chest: Added the Chaos Chest contents and rotations to the Chaos Chest pages as well as its own dedicated page


  • Luxion:
  • Tags: [dbbox=x] tag now shows Geode Mastery if set
  • Editors: You will now get notifications as well as owners, on Likes and Comments of your collaborative Guides or Mods
  • Trove Creations:
    • Creations Team will now see a notification when Creations have been submitted for review, instead of having to manually check
    • Switched the comment system to a more of a forum style compared to reddit
  • Prefab Modding: Fixed an issue preventing prefab modding of a Mount to Mount
  • Today in Trove: Removed the decimal places from the countdown in favour of a cleaner whole number
  • Discord: Information on the Weekly Bonus and Chaos Chest Rotation will now be announced in #news when we set it
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