Trovesaurus Development Updates - November 2019

December 2, 2019 by Etaew

Another month has come around, here is a summary of things we have changed on the Trovesaurus site this month. A big thanks to TFMHisztike who has been providing a lot of personal support and also to Ylva who added all the data for the Into the Deep Section.

Into the Deep

  • Added a full section for the Into the Deep update thanks to Ylva

Prefab Modding Tool

  • Released Prefab Modding Tool allowing Modders to swap
    • Allies with other Allies
    • Mounts with other Mounts
    • NPCs with Allies.
  • This feature is available to logged in users only, and can be found on the Mods nav menu.
  • Select what you want to replace, and what you want to replace it with, press submit, move the downloaded file into the directed folder

Trovesaurus Chat

This feature is a test feature, and may not stay around permanently

  • launched for the new "chat" feature (instant trovesaurus mails), along with "rooms" (clubs)
  • the icon can be found on the top of the site when you are logged in
  • chats between users are using the trovesaurus mail system
  • you can find those conversations also in the mail system
  • messages sent this way will not generate email notifications like the mail system does
  • the notification bar will display an unread count, which updates every 10 seconds
  • when viewing a chat conversation, an audio alert will sound when you have a new message in that channel
  • when you view a channel, you are considered "subscribed to it" and will see unread indicators until you view it again (i need to write a leave)
  • to view club channels, you need to "join" the club on trovesaurus clubs page clicking on a channel with unread messages will mark those messages as read

Shadow Theme

  • Thanks to TFMHisztike we have added a work in progress Shadow Theme to the theme switcher

Comments and Likes

  • The Comments and Likes section has been reduced in size
  • Buttons for Like / Comment will update text / fill in when appropriate
  • Comments made by the creations team on ceraetions pages now appear with a blue background

Quest Tracking

  • Added an experimental quest tracking widget for events
  • Click on the checkbox to set your step
  • The final step marks as complete


  • The mods list will now prioritise catalog images when provided
  • Catalog images can now be set with a drag and drop of an image on the Mod Icon section of the Images tab when viewing a mod
  • Added some filters to the blueprints page and made it searchable
  • Squished the mods list so they show more per row (from 2 to 3)
  • Mod Packs now split their list of mods by category and the header has been condensed slightly
  • Unlisted mods can now be viewed again, requested by ExoDave


  • Art challenge notifications will now call it a challenge instead of a contest
  • When a challenge starts, an announcement will be made on Discord


  • The Dungeons page is now full width, and the dungeons are now in an accordion grouped by biome and sorted the dungeons alphabetically
  • Dungeons now reference a biome by ID, that makes it less weird when biomes have alternate names
  • Dungeon individual pages are now full width, and the image is a little further down the page
  • Frameworks page is now full width, and instead of tabs to filter workbench it now uses an accordion
  • Biomes page is now full width and biomes are in 3 columns per row instead of 2
  • You can now request updates on things we previously marked as complete, in order to request more up to date information, please don't spam us
  • Items page has been changed to use the full width, moved the filter from the top to the left hand side and re-ordered alphabetically
  • Unlocker pages for recipes now display the recipe
  • Added historical Chaos Chest data up to the start of 2017, thanks to Summer for maintaining a historical record
  • Crafting recipes have been condensed a little, Chaos Core Crafter was pretty fat, materials are hidden until pressed
  • Fixed an issue where Gardening recipes were still pointing to the old bench (antiquated)
  • Hardcoded a break between a collection of the same name as a pinata, seriously stahp calling them the exact same thing, latest culprit is curious clubyata
  • Style pages can now have custom icons as we can't reliably generate icons for torches or blueprints in subfolders at the moment


  • Unread mail counter will now update without page reloads, if the chat system test gets removed that system will stay
  • Gave the Profile Edit page a bit moreo f a larger list when viewing it without selecting an option
  • Today in Trove now indicates the new Chaos Chest loot
  • Removed the list of banned users with the public reasons to prevent drama
  • Removed links to the Server Status page from the front page, I can't reliably use this feature at the moment
  • Weekly Bonuses and Seasonal Events can now display at the same time in Today in Trove
  • Upcoming Luxion visit now has new graphics that fit the Today in Trove section
  • You can now select mods with the category "Dragons" when selecting a Mount in your user profile character loadout


  • Fixed an issue preventing people from editing comments
  • Tried to make the countdown indicators for events less rounded up by adding a decimal place
  • Fixed an invalid link on the ideas generator for dungeons
  • Attempted to fix an issue where if you had been mentioned in a comment, the notification telling you had a bad link for the comment
  • Fixed an issue where some deco (signs) weren't having their icons set
  • You can now view the items on Luxion's visits from the Luxion page, apparently you aren't all admins
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