Anubis Mod Challenge - Results

November 26, 2019 by Etaew

Thanks to our Modders for taking part in our mod challenge to create a developer ally for Anubis. Here are the creations that were made during the past two weeks. We've sent rewards your way.

We spoke with Anubis and she says:

This was not easy for me....all participations was great, but my favorite ist the one from octarock, its so cute!

I love this little buddy cause of the style and he really looks like a cute fox which want to play with you any moment. The waggling tail is also ultimate cute.

And the outfit fits perfect for the cold winter days! He is also a special fox with his nine tails! Very good!

Anubis ally ( 9 tail fox)

Allies mod created by octarock


little deer

Allies mod created by meekoz


Dark Sock Wanderer

Allies mod created by Ainogommon


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