Shadow's Eve 2019- Mod Challenge Highlights

November 8, 2019 by Evilagician

Mod or Treat! Trovesaurus would like to thank all participants for their participation in this year's Shadow's Eve Mod Challenge. 

We've picked 3 scary highlights for their scare factor

Headless Centaur

Mounts mod created by Kentuky

Shadow's Eve - Mod Challenge
This mount has a modified VFX (Evil laugh when summoning and fire through the body)

Totally imagining the fire trails in the sky when this scary centaur flies by... What? Centaurs fly! What? Well, they Should!

Tricker Treataur

Mounts mod created by _FutureHero_

He likes candy corn!!

O.M.G. It brings its flying pumpkin basket to go trick or treating! It's Super effective!

Pumpkin Grower

Costumes Tomb Raiser mod created by MisterY

This Trovian has reached Gardening Skill 5000. He now learned how to grow deadly pumpkins.

Pumpkin growing on-demand is just one of the nicest things one could wish for during Shadow's Eve!

All participating Mods:

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