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November 4, 2019 by Etaew

For the past two weeks leaderboard rewards have not been sent out on PC, Mobi has posted an update that you will get the rewards eventually, they have saved the data and are working on it.

Mobi on Discord Nov 5.

PC Leaderboard Rewards for Oct 28 Good news everyone, we have started issuing out rewards from Oct. 28 Leaderboards. We are still working on granting the rewards from Nov. 4 (PC and Xbox) and overall fixes for Leaderboard related issues. Additional news regarding this will be announced later once it becomes available. Here's what has been granted so far: Oct. 28 Leaderboard rewards granted: Knight Gunslinger Dracolyte Boxes Opened Experience Earned World Bosses Killed Flawless Hydrakken Kills Experience Earned for Clubs Bomber Royale Kills

PostCard on Discord Nov 4.
Hey folks - as you've noticed, we're sending out the rewards from last week currently.  It is definitely going to take some time, and the class contests will be last since they will take the longest.

Comment by Mobi updated Nov 3.

Attention PC Trovians, On PC, please be aware there are ongoing issues with the Leaderboard not granting rewards automatically. This had initially started on Oct. 28 and we are working on fixes for this and granting the rewards still. We have pulled data from the Leaderboards during that time and will continue to do so moving forward until the issue has been resolved. This means we expect Leaderboard rewards on Nov. 4 not to go out initially, but we will record the data and announce once we have granted the items for the affected players as soon as it goes out. Thanks for playing and making it to the top!

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good job Trove