Trovesaurus Development Updates - October 2019

November 1, 2019 by Etaew

Hello folks, October has now ended here is a summary of the site development this month. We do try to continue improving the site but the pace of this may change. Please remember that this site is community run by players, we are not funded by anything other than the adverts we show and those that purchase Trovesaurus Gold.


  • Removed the option to "Request More Information" if there is a recipe listed which can create it
  • Moved the "Crafted By" section into the "How to Obtain" section
  • Fixed an issue with the Model Viewer which broke Troxel links with an '/' character in an unexpected place
  • Made a few adjustments to how Update Requests were sent and grouped, also made it more obvious when content is unreleased by hiding some sections, and making the note appear in red, hid request update buttons for unreleased content
  • Cleaned up the Subclasses page slightly, but it does need a larger overhaul
  • Removed the Recently Updated view on the Collections page, as it wasn't that useful


  • Granting more control to Artists over their own creations, the "Request Delete" function has been changed to a pure "Delete" function with a few restrictions:
    • Cannot be part of an active Art Challenge, or one that has ended in the past 30 days
    • Cannot have been highlighted in an Art Challenge
  • You can find the Delete feature next to the Hide feature, at the bottom of the Info sidebar box
  • Deleting Art will make the link no longer work, and will remove the Likes and Comments by others
  • The Art delete page now gives you a preview of the actions it will take before you confirm
  • Added a new view on the gallery for most liked this month, alongside the most liked this week


  • Added a new Shadow Background for Profile Pictures, thanks to TFMHisztike
  • Added a single page to help you change your site icon, if you are sick of trawling through database pages and pressing buttons, this page will let you click on a button directly after selecting a type, and an optional subtype. This is available from the Profile dropdown on the Nav Menu
  • Your Creations are now listed on your user profile on a tab
  • When viewing the likes tab, the list is now bullet point condensed

Modders / Creators

  • Fixed an issue where you couldnt't add other peoples Mods to your Mod Packs
  • Updated the Mods home page to have more information on various Mod sections
  • Released the Trove Creations section, replacing the /r/trovecreations subreddit. Submit your Dungeons and Styles here for inclusion into the game, accessible via /creations or the Mods dropdown menu
  • You can now delete mods that are not accepted or submitted. When deleting mods you will see a preview of what impact that will have.
  • Search results on the mods tab now uses the current mod list style instead of the old large boxes
  • Fixed an issue where some of the very old mods couldn't display the older format images


  • The "Server Down" reporter has been changed to a "I Can't Connect" reporter, each report has an (Open / Closed / Fading) status, fading reports can be bumped after 24 hours if you are still having problems.
  • Improved the appearance of the Dev Tracker page, allowing filtering by Source
  • Adjusted how Luxion's page looks, the front page no longer displays all the visits, just the most recent, you can select dates by year from the left hand side
  • Removed the link to Crafting Material Costs as that had to be manually updated, and so was quite time consuming and not useful if it wasn't updated.
  • Updated the Sounds page to the current style with filters on the left
  • Updated the Code Claim (Sageosaurus etc) to use full width and side navigation


  • Removed links to the crossover content from the guides dropdown (too many links) added to the promotions section on the front page / promotions page
  • Livestream banners are now only displayed on the homepage, to free up space on other pages of the site, especially mobiles
  • Adjusted the News page to list tags on the left that you can click on to filter, in order of most recently used
  • Adjusted the way comments are displayed, in order to condense them further, the other method took up quite a lot of scrolling space. Now that these are more condensed we are displaying all the comments, instead of with pagination. Thanks to TFMHisztike for the reply and edit icons.
  • Comments section has been renamed Comments and Likes, this lists a like as it would a comment. This also allows you to like a few more pages that you could only comment on in the past. If you comment and like on a page the entries will be merged.
  • Replaced the coloured text on user links with badges of that colour.
  • When links are attempted to be created for users / mods / art which no longer exist, it will display [Deleted *type*].
  • Renamed Forum to Comments to make more sense, cleaned up the appearance of the page, allowing you to browse all site comments in the new condensed style, filtered by type of page, sorted by most recently, additionally worked through a few thousand very old comments to make sure they appeared on the appropriate pages.
  • Removed links to Trove Forums / Reddit / Wiki from the navigation, people know how to get to them, and can start freeing up space on the navbar
  • Added a comments link to the navbar
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