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Ring Edition

November 5, 2014 by Trove Forums
  • Shadow's Eve has come to an end, but there is now a permanent Shadow's Eve crafting bench to be found in the hub in case you have leftover crafting to do!
  • Ringcrafting Bench is now craftable at the Crafting Bench. 
  • NPCs' damage and health in U3, U4, and U5 worlds have been increased.
  • Mastery point value for leveling up a class went from 10 to 15, from hitting max level went from 75 to 125, and from unlocking a new profession tier from 50 to 75
  • Increased experience required for the last two levels of a class.
  • New starter cornerstone with improved tutorial signs
  • Removed more traps from Frontier, Tundra, and Highlands lairs. 
  • Horse mounts are now 500 cubits down from 1000
  • The Club window now displays when members have last logged in.
  • Assault quest enemies are now tethered to the quest area. Enemies that leave that area and cannot find a path back now warp back. Fixes issues where assault quests cannot be completed because enemies get lost.
  • You can once again add equipment to the forge even if you don't have enough materials
  • The chat window no longer displays a background unless you are typing.
  • Health bars are no longer predicted client-side. Fixes health bar desync issues.
  • New tools for dungeon blueprint authoring - devtool_dungeon_blueprint_to_QB and devtool_dungeon_QB_to_blueprint. With these, you can now export your blueprint to a .qb file (with maps) and reimport it without losing metaforge-authored blocks.
  • You must now fill the star bar to get daily cubits. New players no longer get a large number of cubits. Star bars now take 5 more stars to fill.
  • You no longer recieve a daily bonus; daily bonus dialog now shows how many Cubits you can earn by filling your star bar
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Ninja to display an incorrect number of shuriken.
  • Fixed bug where you sometimes got stuck attacking after releasing the left mouse button
  • Fixed mouse bug where tooltip sometimes appeared on hotbar when the mouse pointer wasn't visible
  • Players experience lag spikes can now manually reduce the amount of data per second Trove attempts to send over the network. Use the /bandwidth command to check or modify their current settings. Players not experiencing any problems should leave it set to auto. Approximate bandwidth usage for the available settings: low: 10-20 KB/s medium: 25-35 KB/s high: 65-90 KB/s auto: up to 300 KB/s burst, 100 KB/s sustained (but we'll try to estimate your available bandwidth regularly and adjust based on that)
  • New face styles by Zoe, Rokaio, Zylofan, Netro, MajorTom, JosefTheRed, and Bex have been added to the game
  • New hats by Wanderer, Chaze, Stephors, HolyHamGrenade, klosax, Liokazar, KingKillerBear, Stedms, Fastlex, Meowsifer and Markynatorka have been added to the game!
  • New Staves by Lyre, Stedms, CowKillur, D4n1rs, Netro, Gearhand, Amelatu, Tachykir, Stephors and BrianVI have been added to the game!
  • New pistols by Estherix, Bry, Mandalorian, ReeceCJ, TehRedReaper, ArtyCutie, MappyT, CrimsonCrystal, and Noblah have been added to the game!
  • A new hairstyle by Zoe has been added to the game!


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