Plunder Pals Art Highlights

October 2, 2019 by Etaew

Thanks for taking part in our Plunder Pals art challenge, we have some highlights from Mr. E to show you.

Straight up amazing. Cute, concise, animated, and clearly full of effort, this one takes the cake in my book!

I like that creepbox123 called it "budget edition"  Smiley -- sometimes the store brand is exactly what you need!

Saltwater Sam by FeggleHighlight


The amount of white space surrounding Sam's head conveys a feeling of loneliness. Perhaps Sam is daydreaming about being on a tropical island instead of selling his wares?


It's hard to escape Sam's gaze, though the quality of work here conveys a soft, if insistent, look. Sam is perhaps asking where my pole is--implying I'd forgotten our scheduled fishing trip… which I did

"Stranded" would be a good name of Sam's autobiography. I like the idea of Sam as the sentimental type, content to visit his ship--as one might visit an old friend or paramour--rather than salvage it for scrap--as one mustn't do with friends

Wrangling perspective, Izzibu invites us to Parley in the most adorable way possible

The expressions used go a long way in telling this cute tale

Breeze by FairchildHighlight


This already-impressive drawing went even further with its simple animation, really selling that breezy feeling


This is one of my favorites, as it blends adorableness with a highly skilled execution. Plunder’s tongue gives it a playful feeling that is hard to disagree with.


Being a Plunder Pal isn’t just about Plunder, it’s also about working together to navigate through chaos, which this piece captures quite dramatically!

Sam's Pal by TFMHisztikeHighlight


The bunched-up, cloth-like feel this piece conveys feels particularly pirate-y. Sam feels alive with color and character, accented with Plunder’s cuteness


This piece does an amazing job of blending Trove’s bright, cartoonish look with a more serious tone. Another one of my favorites

sam by musuronHighlight


I love this one. It blends Trove’s cubic reality with an amazing attention to detail, and I love the style.

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