Artist Interview - Crowvidae

October 7, 2019 by Etaew

This time on Artist Spotlight we talk to crowvidae previously known as WyvernWarrior about them and their art.

Crow was nominated for this interview by MrWhoever.

What can you tell us about yourself?

I am known as crow (previously wyvern) online. Art and writing is a passion and hobby of mine, and I have a love for Dark-Fantasy and Gothic/Victorian-esque design and settings. Unwilling to share my exact age here, but I am relatively young! xD I look up to many senior artists and hope to learn from them. 

Where does your name come from?

crowvidae is a pun of crow and corvid (the family of crows).

WyvernWarrior was a username I made on the spot from Terraria. Wyvern because I liked the wyvern enemies and warrior because I always went for the “tank” class, and yeah that’s it.

How did you learn about Trove and why did you start playing?

I first played Trove way back in 2015(?) when I saw it on Steam. I returned to the game in 2017 when a friend re-introduced it to me, so I made a new acc and played again xD

What's your favourite part of Trove? What keeps you coming back?

Back then, I highly enjoyed games that focus on collecting and Trove just had so many things to collect, and they would keep adding more! I would spend hours to play it, and I took part in contests just to collect stuff xD

How did you get started creating art for Trove and why?

I loved dragons back then and Trove has so many dragons! So I mostly enjoy drawing the dragons, but I also did partake in some contests to add stuff to my collection.

Have you produced art for any other games?

I don’t have many interests so when I do find a game that does I will love it to death!

I currently make little doodles of Hollow Knight and Bloodborne. I want to make some finished art for these really cool games sometime!

What motivate you to continue creating art for Trove?

The community in Trovesaurus was the strongest thing that kept me making art. Many users were nice and encouraging—even though I was so immature and reaally bad at drawing then—and that kept me going. I am very thankful for those people who were nice/encouraging to me. Thank you!!

Which other Artists on Trove inspire you?

Not a whole lot actually… but I will name a few:

  • Bluesoda - I love their painting style very much! I always look at their art and wonder what brush they use/how did they paint it xD
  • Ainogommon - Has a really nice, solid painting style. Their traditional inking style also stands out to me and I like how the hatching/shading was used.
  • mau5head - Unique art style, creative design, and brave to make PV and animation, I salute mau5…

How did it feel when your first art was shared on a livestream or highlighted in a contest?

I didn’t know anything at first, and when a club member + people on Trovesaurus discord server told me that my art was on stream and I was so surprised! xD I dug up the stream after and was very happy! It made me want to make art that was worth sharing.

What is your design and creation process?

I don’t know how to answer this umm.

Cool idea gets transferred into a sketch. I refine the sketch until it becomes line-art (sometimes just make lineart separately), colour it, then fumble with the shading/painting. When everything is done I do some editing—chromatic aberration, blur, maybe some colour adjustments—and phew, done!

What tools do you use to create art?

I use a very old Bamboo CTL. I have been drawing in MediBang Paint for the last 4 years! Occasionally I use Krita, and FireAlpaca/Flipaclip for animation.

What is the most challenging thing about creating art?

Making anything at all is not easy. Sometimes things don’t go the way I want, and I lack the skill to do what I want. And sometimes, it would take too long and I get impatient and frustrated, leaving a lot of unfinished work or art in doodles/sketch stage.

What advice would you give to new artists starting out?

Hooo boy, I can probably write an essay on this…

I would recommend for any new artists to explore and experiment around first and find what they like. Maybe painting environments? Designing characters? Then establish somewhat of a goal of where they want to take their art. Find as many artists as you can that inspire you, and study their art: how they approach drawing something, sketch, etc. You can learn alot by looking! Don’t be afraid to try new things and take huge leaps with your art, these leaps will help you grow/change faster in my experience.

Its also best to pick up the fundamental/basics like anatomy. As another artist told me, if you can pick up the basics it will be much easier to stylise. And a reminder that, art is a skill anyone can learn, and like any skill, it will take much time and persistence to get anywhere. Think of it like growing a plant.

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