Seasons of Salt - Art Challenge

October 1, 2019 by Etaew
Seasons of Salt Art Contest
6 days ago 11 entries

For this art challenge we'd like to explore part of Trove history. For that we approached Atronos to help pick out an event in Trove lore that is vague and could be expanded with your creativity.


Once upon a time in Candorian history, Goat'Guud of Eil'Zaewynn made a dark pact with Shrub-Goatoloth receiving the power to crush all foes. This began the Seasons of Salt, which only ended when Dracocolatl, the Mellower descended from the Sky Realms to resolve it.


  • Create some Trove fan art relating to the Seasons of Salt time period or confrontation
  • Submit to the Trovesaurus Gallery with the Seasons of Salt contest selected

Ideas could include:

  • How was the Seasons of Salt resolved? A showdown or contest between Dracocolatl and Goat'Guud over the fate of Candoria?
  • Goat'Guud destroying Candoria (eating)
  • What does Shrub-Goatoloth look like?
  • Candorian heroes that helped Dracocolatl


  • Tuesday, October 1, 2019 to Tuesday, October 15, 2019


  • Highlighted entries receive 1-2x Reward Tokens
  • If there is a sufficently unique and impressive design of a Candorian Hero or Shrub-Goatoloth Atronos may create a mod or model of it.


Dracocolatl, the Mellower

Dracocolatl's descent from the Sky Realm to end the Seasons of Salt is a cornerstone of Candorian history.

Goat'Guud of Eil'Zaewynn

A dark pact with Shrub-Goatoloth bestowed upon it the power to crush all foes, giving rise to the Seasons of Salt.


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