Sunfest Art Highlights

September 4, 2019 by Etaew

Thanks for taking part in our Sunfest challenge, we asked community artists CDM135 and SkyTheVirus to highlight some entries for you.

CDM's Highlights

CDM says:

This piece contains many emotions that are strong and well-depicted. Even the single tear on the Sun Goddess statue manifests the anguish and pain caused by the event.

CDM says:

The stark silhouettes of this work caught my eye repeatedly as I was looking over all the entries. A simple piece, but it conveys nicely the fear of the unknown and the mysterious power of these new foes.

CDM says:

A gorgeous work all round, the attention to detail is astounding, from the visual effects such as the lightning to the shading and lighting on the characters. An insurmountable foe rendered beautifully!

CDM says:

As a colored pencil artist myself, I know effort it can take to get colors to look neat and filled in. The horns and feet especially give the piece a good sense of perspective and make it pop. I also liked the use of an aspect of the event that was not widely covered in this contest, the merchants.

SkyTheVirus' Highlights

How Dare You! by ShirayukiHighlight


Sky says:

This looks so adorable! I love the attention to detail and the size of the Sun Goddess and giants compared to the Trovians makes a whole lot of sense. I also like that random bandage on the Goddess' head hinting on the destruction of the Hub statue.

UntillDawn by DC013Highlight


Sky says:

Now this tells a story. A reletively strong Trovian that easilly defeated an army of invaders. I like how that Neon Ninja(?) has a smirk look on her face after defeating a whole lot of Pinata Invaders, sort of intimidating some others that might be still in the area. Also the color of that sunset, its beautiful!

Sky says:

This is something out of the ordinary! I has a really nice marble coloration of greens, teals, blues and yellow: the same trovian colors. I can really appreciate the work that goes into blowing glass. (difficult not to mention dangerous maybe from the hot glass)

Etaew's Highlights

Etaew says:

I wanted to highlight this entry because of the effort put into telling a story in the comic format, it looks great, good job.

Sunfest Submissions

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