Trovesaurus Development Updates - August 2019

September 2, 2019 by Etaew

Stay informed about latest Trovesaurus site changes with our change log below. We try each month to continue development of the site features, functionality and the user experience. This month is a little light due to holiday periods.

This next month will be focusing on preparing the site for the next large patch From the Deep, and continued general improvements.


  • Items
    • Moved the Model Viewer to the top-right of the page to match the style of collections
    • Moved the Random Items box under the Related Forum Threads
    • Fixed an issue where some Items were redirecting to the wrong Collections, this was related to how we linked Items with the same name as different Collections
    • Item Unlockers:
      • Fixed an issue which items which unlocked several Style categories where the categories would be duplicated and several would open when one was clicked.
      • Prevented some accordion categories from automatically opening when there were several others
  • Collections
    • Fixed an issue where some Collections "Obtain" information was too loose when searching within Packs
  • Recipes
    • Fixed an issue where Recipes would over zealously try to find a Collection to match to, these checks are no longer run for Deco Recipes
    • Fixed an issue where Collections thought these Deco were a source
    • Fixed the Item redirecting to the Collection
  • Mastery
    • Added a long overdue Mastery Rank page which lists all rewards, this is available from the Database dropdown
    • Updated the Collection and Style pages in the Obtain section to look up the Mastery rewards
  • Merchants
    • Added the missing Radiant Merchant
  • Biomes
    • Biomes page no longer has random numbers next to the icons


  • Notifications: Scheduled pages are now grouped instead of individual notifications
  • Users: Re-added some colour to user titles based on their rank
  • Design: Added a small padding to the content areas, so the boxes aren't right to the edge, also decreased the padding on the top of the homepage
  • Contributions
    • Added two new Contributions task tabs, one to indicate Collection pages with no images uploaded (visible to logged in users), and one to list Collection pages with no featured image set (for databaes editors)
    • Fixed an issue where the cached image count for pages were not updated if they required approval (Collection/Item/Style)
  • Videos
    • Added a proecss to start detecting and clearing removed YouTube Videos from our database
    • Updated the Videos page to allow videos to be filtered by author
    • Videos now have a link to the authors page
    • Added a Popular Channels and Recent Videos widget to the sidebar
    • Videos page now can be linked from the Community dropdown on the navbar
    • Random Channel Videos and Recent Channel Videos added to the sidebar of a single Video page
  • Downtimes
    • Added some internal support to create downtime which is not scheduled on Glyph
    • Individual Downtime pages can be viewed which include the Server Status, the Patch Notes if available, and a comment section, this replaces the link at the top of the site
    • Server Online banners will display in the header of Trovesaurus for 2 hours after a patch has completed
    • Status Updates will try to find links and remove them, in some cases truncated links would be broadcast and not be valid
    • Downtime in Progress alert now displays an hour counter when hours are more than 1
    • Downtime header on Trovesaurus will display the latest update, when updates are available
  • Mail
    • Adjusted the appearance of the Mail messages, combined the footer with the header, and removed the solid red colour for unread messages, these are now represented by coloured badges


  • Art:
    • Added backgrounds to the like / comment sections at the bottom
    • Removed an obnoxious Report Art red button from the top of the Art page (for Artists) and moved to the sidebar
  • Modding:
    • You can now request VFX preview images manually with a button on the Mod Info tab, these have to be generated manually by us
    • Mods that you have collaborated on are now counted in your User Profile - Mods tab, and displayed there
    • Mod Packs are now displayed in their own boxes on the User Profile - Mods list when you have created all the mods within them, the smaller box remains for open packs
    • Re-added the missing Mag Riders category on the Mod Upload form
    • Fixed an issue where a Mod Editor (not original owner) would see the wrong text on the Cancel Submission button
    • Subtypes have been cleared from all non Costume Mods
    • Tried to make it a little clearer to Modders about UI Blueprint requests, and the process should no longer require a full resubmission
    • Parts:
      • Refactored the Modinfo - Parts system into a proper table instead of juts a comma separated list, allowing storage and searching of multiple types
      • NPC parts can now be viewed on their NPC page
      • Some NPCs now have heads set where they were missing before
  • Milestones:
    • Added Art and Mod milestones which announce at 5,75,125,150,175 and 200 (full list 1,5,10,25,50,75,100,125,150,175,200)
    • Once certain Milestones have been reached you can claim Reward Tokens, check the Milestones page on the Profile dropdown nav bar. Claims are manually approved before you receive them.
    • Milestones are updated when you upload a new Mod or Art, but can be manually calculated for initial population using a button on the Milestones Status tab
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liked this!

liked this!

Great job Etaew !

plz hurry because i want to play but it wont let me login to trove nd im getting mad



You want me? a player, to fix my game? Ok done!


What is happening to the US servers on the ps4?

It always say "Connection timed out" or either "Crashes the game" on the ps4.

Can you help fix it??



No, I'm sorry, as a player I cannot help to fix the game.