Going Green Art Challenge Results

August 5, 2019 by Etaew

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Going Green Art Challenge, Meowser has been asked to pick some highights for this challenge from various skill levels and we'll display them below.

Meowser's Highights

Thank you to everyone who submitted pieces for the Going Green Art Challenge. The Trove team and I loved all of them and I was happy to have the honor of highlighting my personal favorites below. Trove's art community is fantastic and we can't wait to see what all of you amazing individuals do next!

Prized Bunfeed by YlvaHighlight


Meowser says: I really like all of the details in this one, from the growing little plants, to the dinos, to the though bubble. It feels very Trovian.

Green Ration by FairchildHighlight


Meowser says: The linework on this is fantastic.

Meowser says: Very cute, I love the blushing.

Meowser says: I like the shading on this a lot.

Meowser says: I like the painterly look of the trunk and the variation within the leaves.

Meowser says: I like the fierceness and the blending in the coloration in the wings.


Meowser says: This one again has lots of little details that help bring the piece together.

Thud! by ShirayukiHighlight


Meowser says: This one is just precious.

Special Mention

Etaew just couldn't let these ones go without mentioning them because they were great.


Etaew says: Although teasingly naughty the quality of this was fantastic.

Etaew says: This one made me laugh, poor Qubesly indeed.

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