Artist Spotlight - MrWhoever

August 19, 2019 by Etaew

This time on Artist Spotlight we chat with MrWhoever has been an Artist on Trovesaurus for several years, producing a large number of high quality pieces.

MrWhoever was nominated for this interview by Ainogommon.

What can you tell us about yourself?

I'm MrWhoever , Male, currently 18 yrs old , came from Indonesia . Been an artist at Trovesaurus for around 2 years . Still not doing college but I work as a freelancer artist

Where does your name come from?

Back in the day , I love being a mysterious guy that people barely being recognized by people. Then it comes to a question "Who is this dude?" . I act like ignroring the question , and leave me as a "Who" , then "Whoever" I am . and comes MrWhoever

How did you learn about Trove and why did you start playing?

It was back when my bros and I are in love with sandbox game. back then we were doing Minecraft . then My Bros found a game that contain sandbox but it also MMOrpg . and Trove it is we play.

What's your favourite part of Trove? What keeps you coming back?

Mostly, it was the great community that happen to change my life, they are a good people and I love them. But if it comes to in-game , it was their many collectibles that I can aqcuaire.

How did you get started creating art for Trove and why?

"Oh look, an art contest, let's see what I'll get if I can win." basically to get some reward token to redeem and get some packs :p

Have you produced art for any other games?

Rarely. mostly only turn into doodles.

What motivate you to continue creating art for Trove?

To create a better art I must practice lot. As Im making lot of art , I serve the Trove Community by creating art for them. And again because I love them

Which other Artists on Trove inspire you?

BlackieMaiden/KawaiiCaretaker, I love the color and contrast on their art.

How did it feel when your first art was shared on a livestream or highlighted in a contest?

I never watch livestream because my timezone so i don't know if my art been shared yet . but I was happy and relieved when I participate on my first contest because my effort that goes to my art doesnt come to a vain

What is your design and creation process?

Decide what character to draw , decide pose and compostition , sketching , rough drawing , cleaning/lineart , color and shading , BG (if there's one) , and finishing (fx and such)

What tools do you use to create art?

PaintToolSAI ftw

What is the most challenging thing about creating art?

Having an Artblock , Losing inspiration , that can led to unfinished art.

What advice would you give to new artists starting out?

No matter how your art turn out , Appreciate them , and most importantly DONT diss them . You create your art with your effort and you must love them .

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