Development Updates - July Edition

August 3, 2019 by Etaew

In this edition of Development Updates we talk about what has changed to the site over the month of July.


  • Items which unlock other items (Unlockers) will now list the items they unlock (in most circumstances)
  • How to Obtain section on a Collection page will also use this information


  • Released the new Merchants page, with an easier to find list of Merchants, what they look like, where to find them, and what they sell

  • Collection and Item pages scan this Merchant table for information
  • Merchants can now also be found using the Site Search
  • Items now display if they are used as a Currency on a Merchant

Information Requests

  • As an experiment and replacement of the Request Update component we've added buttons to the Effects and How to Obtain sections of collection pages to request more information.
  • When we have found the information, you will receive a notification saying so.
  • Once we have marked the information as complete, further requests won't be possible.

Change Trovesaurus Name

  • Streamlined the process to request a change to your character name on the site, you can now submit a form, instead of manually contacting me, you can access this from your profile page. Requests will still be handled manually instead of automatically to prevent abuse.


  • Drastically improved the page load times on the Builds page
  • Updated the builds to show an estimation of what patch they were added / updated for, along with a indicative coloured age
  • Cut down the build preview text to the first line, instead of all the text people decided to enter
  • Cleaned up the Edit Build page, adding better layout and spacing, re-added some of the item descriptions when listing Flasks and Gems

Home Page

  • Going Green has been out a while, and so we have condensed the full links on the home page to a general one for the section, this also allows us to add additional banners
  • To speed up loading time, removed the dev tracker previews for Twitter and Instagram since they loaded external content and scripts
  • Weekly Bonuses are now displayed on the Today in Trove section


  • Updated the appearance (again) of the Packs page, so that it uses the new accordions component, this allows a more condensed view of the list

Notification Settings

  • Users can now configure and turn off several site notifications from their profile, a link has also been added to the notifications modal


  • Added information on various crafting materials
  • Added additional tabs for Gardening, Geode, Forging and Dragon Fragments

Rewards Section

  • Now you can view the available platforms before you click on the reward


  • Added a new tag [build=id] to create links to a build


  • You can no longer announce you are requesting Artists Feedback on builds and screenshots later edit: hid the form for all art pending review
  • Increased the size of the art previews on the home page
  • Increased size of art previews on the gallery, because that is what they are there for!


  • Re-added the Trending Mods component after fixing the performance issues
  • Unpublished Mods can now be deleted, allowing you to get rid of an annoying generated notification
  • Collection Mod Info will now show the icon (often the _ui blueprint) where available
  • Troxel Links on Mod Info Blueprint pages will now appear red if they don't exist on Troxel


  • Hid the Images section on Item pages if the item is not placeable
  • Fixed a database importer issue which prevented some of the newer collections from having the correct icons set
  • Fixed several items having no_trade in the identifier but were not set as un-tradable
  • New blueprints are now tracked by the new Database Update page, including previews, where available
  • For those contributing to database information, we've added some prompts as to what information is missing with some new tabs, you need to be logged in to see these
  • Added a Mastery indicator to Crafting Tables that use collections
  • How to Obtain section on Collection pages will now more prominently display if they are purchasable on the Trove Store for Cubits or Credits


  • User profile badges will no longer try to generate an icon to represent a platform when the user is an older one who had never set one
  • Comment notifications will now include a direct link to the comment
  • Notifications about builds will now resolve to a proper link
  • Increased the amount of time before you receive a notification to update your club props on the website from 30 days to 90 days
  • Fixed an issue where pinned recipes were not being shown on the profile pages
  • Fixed an issue which locked out certain accounts who registered using a + in their email address, the + was removed leaving the email address invalid, now the + and the following contents up to the @ symbol is removed, cleaning the address without intervention
  • Updated the "you have been added as an editor" email message to indicate who added you as an editor
  • Increased the performance of the Notifications pag,e adding pagination to read notifications
  • Unread Notifications are now grouped by type, and can be dismissed by type as well as individually
  • Submitting Images to the Item/Deco/Style/Collection pages are now counted as database contributions and can be rewarded, they still require moderation to prevent abuse
  • Expanded the possible results of Art by Others by searching the title as well as relation to Trove field, you can unlink suggested art to remove art from that list
  • Rewrote the Contact Information component to be more easily expandable, it is now named Connections and now additionally supports XBOX and PSN IDs

  • You can now select your Primary Role colour to use from your Profile, removed this option from the Edit Profile section
  • Added a new Role for Streamer which is determined automatically if you have a link in your Profile Text (pending feedback)

  • Updated the appearance of Country Communities, and listed members with roles on the main page
  • The sidebar of Country Community pages now lists the popular communities sorted by members


  • Dragon badges are now listed on the Dragons Stats page
  • Updated the title and description of comment pages when they are linked on places like Discord
  • Updated the "Play Trove" button that encourages new users to sign up, to be using the Trove font and added a new button to the top navigation bar
  • Updated the default promoted livestream banner to a cleaner style
  • Adjusted the event announcer on Discord to not announce the creation of events which start within 24 hours
  • Removed the mostly unused trovedevs page, which previously linked to devs forum accounts and some interviews / artwork
  • Removed the /vendors page as it was obsolete and underused
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