Gedc Ally Challenge Results

July 3, 2019 by Etaew

Thanks to the Modders that took part in this challenge, you all did really well combining the theme and the small ally size while making it unique.

Ardennes laughing horse

Allies mod created by octarock


This is really cool and suits my profile picture perfectly!

Equine Feline

Allies mod created by TechnoShyft


This is very cute and the cap on the cat is funny!

Playful Feline

Allies mod created by MisterY


This is really original and I like the idea of mixing horse and cat!

Etaew Note: I love how derpy the animation is with the cat almost falling off the horse!


The horse is really well done and the animation is perfect!

Etaew Note: I really like how well the horse fits that animation on an ally rig!


Allies mod created by Yamper


This is super cute and the cat looks lovely!

Etaew Note: This is really well presented and the kitty unicorn is adorable!

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it was a lot fun been part of this and work well with the project I been working on with making allys for people that part of our community and him be the new community manager it just ties in so well. I love to do more stuff like this was lots of fun

liked this!

liked this!