Cultivated Collection and Sweet Sixteen packs are now for sale!

Sweet Sixteen Pack 

Find your favorite class to play with and get all of the currently available 16 classes in Trove! For each class you already own, you’ll receive a tradable Credit Pouch.

  • Vanguardian class
  • Dino Tamer class
  • Chloromancer class Lunar
  • Lancer class
  • Revenant class
  • Tomb Raiser class
  • Boomeranger class
  • Dracolyte class
  • Gunslinger class
  • Neon Ninja class
  • Candy Barbarian class
  • Fae Trickster class
  • Shadow Hunter class
  • Ice Sage class
  • Pirate Captain class
  • Knight class

This offer is now available.


Cultivated Collection 

How does your garden grow? Ride through the valley as you harvest your grain with this set of gardening tools!

  • 25 Bobblepods
  • 25 Golden Watering Cans (nontradable)
  • Mechanized Hydration Tractor mount
  • Seed Sower mount
  • Horticultural Harvester mount

This offer is now available.


Don’t miss the opportunity to get these awesome packs!



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