Trovesaurus Development Updates - June Edition

June 30, 2019 by Etaew

June has finished and I get to announce what I've been up to during the last month on the site development front. Some exciting changes to announce this time.

If you want updates on site changes as they happen you can join the Trovesaurus Discord and monitor the #changes channel.

June Site ChangesTop ^

Reset Reminders

Daily and Weekly reset reminders will now be announced on the Trovesaurus Discord #news channel

Luxion Visits

Luxion Visits are now tracked, with full historical data.

  • Added a sidebar widget on the home page which lists when Luxion is expected, or if Luxion has arrived what he sells
  • Each Luxion visit can be viewed individually as well as a master list of all visits
  • Visiting an item page will show the times it has been seen on Luxion, when and for how many Dragon Coins

Crafting Benches Update

Recipes on crafting benches have been condensed and displayed in collapsible categories

Lootbox Contents

Where possible we have added full contents of lootboxes. Some boxes may not show any information however.

Collection pages will also check this information and point to any lootboxes that are appropriate.

Rewards Redesign

Trovesaurus Rewards section has now been condensed and simplified, clicking on the reward name will expand a list of the contents and reveal the claim links

Items List Redesign

The Items database will now group by subtypes and we remove the pagination from the results pages, we determine subtypes by looking at the next available name in an items identifier e.g. item/lootbox/something has a subtype of lootbox

Database Updates

Database Update pages are no longer created manually and now they are available automatically through the new Database Updates section that is on the News navbar.

These update pages feature Collections, Items, Deco, Styles, Strings and Recipes, and should work for a lot of older patches although the legacy Database Update pages also remain.


  • Clubs can now be looked up via smart tags [Trovesaurus] will show [Trovesaurus]
  • [modpack=x] tags now create a link to a modpack instead of a modpack box
  • [modpackbox=x] now creates the modpack box
  • Added a new tag [packcontents=pack id or name] to list a pack with their contents
  • Added a new tag [lootboxcontents=item id or name] to list the contents of a lootbox


  • When new files are added to GUI Mods they will be announced on the Trovesaurus Discord #modders channel
  • Increased the size of the image preview on the Submitted Mods list and removed tooltips


  • The art page has been tweaked to make it more similar to the mods page, the editor actions are now displayed at the top of the page instead of the sidebar and the actions navbar is now collapsible on mobiles


  • Placeable sign deco now have the sign title and content used as the sign name and description
  • Crafting info for classes is now shown on the bottom of a classes page
  • On Item pages the Related Items are now shown in a list, and will no longer show Random Items if there are Related Items
  • The Effects and Obtained sections of the Collections pages are now cleaned up to match a new site style
  • Hid the Market Info tab on the Collections page, this required manual data and was never that reliable
  • Collection pages now recognise that multiple items can unlock them and they are displayed at the top of the page, this helps make the auto lookup in the Obtained section more reliable as well
  • Fixed an issue which prevented some comments and forum searches from being visible on some item pages
  • On the Collections page combined the categories of Flasks and Flask Effects and the files of Boats and Sails
  • Removed the old Flasks and Boats pages, and reproduced the Special Boats section on the Collections page
  • Added a new Unobtainable flag for Items, this is set manually
  • Redesigned the Item warnings such as Unobtainable and Untradable and placed on top of the page
  • Updated the Frameworks page to no longer list all frameworks by default, instead you have to select a bench first, made the frameworks show in a list instead of multiple columns


  • Added a link to the Community Spotlight interviews on the navbar News dropdown
  • Fixed an issue where News and Guides didn't return any Search results that matched the page title
  • Refreshed the appearance of the individual Giveaway page and included a few more giveaway links on the sidebar
  • Removed an obnoxious second large advert banner that made its way onto the site impeding the appearance for some people
  • Condensed the Upcoming Downtime banner at the top of the site and adjusted the appearance, also made it work okay on all browser resolutions including mobile
  • Adjusted the server online / offline Discord announcements to have more of an importance instead of just words
  • Pack and Code Claim comments are no longer marked as "unhandled" in the Recent Comments sidebar widget
  • Stopped the Trovesaurus Twitter from announcing Trove Instagram posts, as lately these are now the same content
  • The site search will now display video results that match the pattern, additionally added a new reporting feature for these videos since they are automatically grabbed from YouTube some may no longer be available or simply not related to Trove
  • Adjusted the appearance of the Promos section on the home page and sidebar of the promos page, also added giveaways to that list
  • Added a new dedicated section for Bomber Royale Season Two and added to the Updates navbar dropdown
  • Added a Tips section to the Going Green update thanks to the Gardening Hub Discord
  • The Dev Tracker will now filter out the @ character when Tweeting to prevent awkward tags
  • The Calendar widget will hide the Upcoming tab when no events are scheduled

July ObjectivesTop ^

As part of my new appeal for direction on development I've been asking you guys what you would like to see worked on next, and you've been providing me with some great suggestions. The post will be open for another week but the ones I have confirmed that I would like to address during the month of July are the following:

  • Improving the search system to allow some specific filtering by type
  • Improving the appearance of all search results pages and the navigation
  • Investigating some autocomplete results of database items
  • Giving club owners the ability to add tags or a new field for searchable text only
  • Begin work on a Trove theme using either game UI elements, or the official site colours
  • Determine patch versions that a class build was created or updated, perhaps allow them to be manually overriden and perhaps a flag for obsolete
  • Look at ways to link PSN / XBOX accounts to the profile pages, perhaps just their gamer tag like we do with Discord?
  • Re-add the request update system for the database, but make this easier with a simple button next to the respective fields instead of a tab or combined form
  • Add a clear all notifications button or investigate the concept of groups of notifications so that they would only need to be dismissed once
  • Fix the pinned recipes feature as reported via a collection page
  • Add some configuration to notifications, off / site / email
  • Complete work on the item obtain overview page for crafting materials, talisman, eggs, fragments etc

Items that were suggested but need more clarification or thought:

  • Better navigation
  • More pictures
  • Theme review, perhaps cutting down the themes we offer, or allowing the user to customise their theme more
  • Think about re-introducing the site achievements / rewards
  • Think about re-opening the development of site minigames
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