Trove - Going Green! Hotfix 2 - June 17, 2019

  • Leaderboards have been streamlined to remove redundancy and diversify the focus on parts of the game. Their rewards have been adjusted to match.
  • The daily power rank leaderboards have been removed and their rewards have been moved to the Star Bar at a rate of 1 Diamond Dragonite per star bar completion. This is tripled with patron.
  • There are now 3 Class Leaderboard Contests available each week, down from 4. The rewards have been increased by a third to compensate for this change.
  • There is now 1 Flawless Shadow Tower Boss Contest each week. The reward for this contest has been increased to 10 Light Chaos Chests (up from 2).
  • There is now 1 Bomber Royale Contest each week. The rewards have been doubled or even tripled in some cases.
  • Companion Eggs Found and World Bosses Defeated have been moved in to the rotating weekly stat contests. Their rewards have been upgraded to better fit this set of contests.
  • There are now 2 weekly stat Contests available each week from a rotation of:
    • Quests Completed (I think this might be dungeons?)
    • Boxes Opened
    • Infinium Mined
    • Enemies Defeated
    • World Bosses Defeated
    • Companion Eggs Found

Additional Updates
  • Starglint Pinatas rewarded from the Star Bar are now correctly tripled when patron is active.
  • Diamond Dragonite is now provided by the Star Bar at a rate of 1 Diamond Dragonite for each time the Star Bar is completed. This is tripled while patron is active.
  • The chance of getting Bobble Pod Seeds when harvesting plants has been doubled.
  • The Moonlight Bulb cost of alchemy plant recipes has been reduced:
    • Green Thumb (200 Gardening Skill) Recipes now require 2 Moonlight Bulbs.
    • Botanist (250 Gardening Skill) Recipes now require 3 Moonlight Bulbs.
    • Most Horticulturalist (300 Gardening Skill) Recipes now require 4 Moonlight Bulbs. The Evolving Alchemy Plant Seed now requires 5 Moonlight Bulbs.
  • The non-rare allies from Ally Habitats now compost into 1 Organic Refuse, 1 Quality Organic Refuse, and 1 Superior Organic Refuse, rather than 3 Superior Organic Refuse.
  • On being harvested, Alchemy Plants now all give between 2 and 5 Superior Organic Refuse depending on the skill required to craft the seed (or 7 for Gem Dusters, Pearl of Wisdom Pods, and Chaos Chest Stalks).
  • Tame Companion Eggs now appear at the same time as Lesser Crystal Caches when assisting Cave Critters.
  • Fixed an issue where interacting with Homeworld Hearts could cause lag for everyone in the Club World.
  • Fishing Lures now deconstruct for 5 glim.
  • Minions spawned by emblems now more consistently despawn when players get out of range.
  • Added a drippy effect to the Jelotl Matron mount.
  • The Haughty Kitty ally can now be deconstructed in to chaos cores.
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