Accepted Mods List - June 12, 2019

June 13, 2019 by Etaew

The following Mods have been accepted by the Trove Team and are making their way into game in a future version.

Modders can submit their mods for Dev consideration by using the button at the top of their mod page.

For more information see:

To those that had mods accepted and aren't sure how to distribute the codes they will receive, we are happy to help arrange a giveaway or a contest for you.

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CostumesTop ^

[Costume] NecroTrickster

Costumes Fae Trickster mod created by Ainogommon

Daemonic Inferno Barbarian

Costumes Candy Barbarian mod created by Evilagician

Replaces lvl 20 Candy Barbarian with an Daemonic Inferno version.


Costumes Chloromancer mod created by RoweMcGrath

Warlock of the Wind

Costumes Ice Sage mod created by Ainogommon

Costume version of my scraped dragon concept: I, custom vfx will come if it popular enough

Enforced Eradicator

Costumes Knight mod created by Evilagician

The [style=equipment_helm_pinata_winter] is the white version, suited for female warriors.

Lancer of the Hydrakken

Costumes Lunar Lancer mod created by TFMHisztike


Costumes Neon Ninja mod created by PROfessOriginal

[Costume]Captain Cold

Costumes Pirate Captain mod created by Ainogommon

Ice(y) up your captain with vengeance of wrath of Glacius.

MountsTop ^

Blazing Balefly

Mounts mod created by SkyRider3217

Cursed with the flames of Balefire, this fiery creature burns bright.

Smoldering Tiger Moth

Mounts mod created by Ainogommon

Replace Yzzuli of the Honeybreeze, Built-in lava immunity, makes it is perfect to land into any campfire, My moth brothers!

Pepper shaker

Mounts mod created by pendk

Kami of Brine Seas

Mounts mod created by SkyRider3217


Mounts mod created by SkyRider3217

Radiant Stag

Mounts mod created by Aviarei

Turns your basic store horse into a biome-themed stag!


Mounts mod created by PROfessOriginal

Trumpet Rocket

Mounts mod created by MisterY

AlliesTop ^

[Ally] Flaky Field-gun

Allies mod created by MagicMate

This mod turns Ulysses the Unicycle into a clumsy cannon that'll help firing up your fighting spirit!


Allies mod created by Ainogommon

He comes to collect something from you

[Ally] Trovian Derp'ony

Allies mod created by Kentuky

A cute little pony wearing a Trove's t-shirt with a derp happy face.

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