Trove - Going Green Hotfix 1 - June 4, 2019

Additional Updates

  • Players of any class level that meet the Light and PR requirements can now earn 5* dungeon chests.
  • There is now an additional chance to receive a Golden Watering Can Seed from a Popper Pod for the individual who threw it.
  • Using Buy Back for composted items from the loot collector now appropriately removes partial progress on badges.
  • Bobble Pod and Instagrower rewards have been removed from the Composting Badges.
  • Bobble Pod seeds no longer drop from breaking grass. Instead, the Bobble Pod Seed drop rate from harvesting Going Green plants has been increased.
  • Composting Chaos Chest Stalk Seed, Pearl of Wisdom Seed Pod, or any Gem Duster Seed now results in 1 Superior Compost Heap rather than 2. However, harvesting these plants now grants 5 Superior Organic Refuse instead of 2.
  • The Flowerbed Faerie and Flowerbed Countess allies now grant 20 PR when equipped.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent swapping between Adventure and Build inventories properly.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the crafting inventory to constantly refresh when Food was equipped.
  • Fixed the store descriptions for the Mechanized Hydration Tractor, Seed Sower, and Horticultural Harvester to reflect the correct movement speed.
  • Fixed a typo in the name for the Mechanized Hydration Tractor.
  • Fixed an issue where some costumes were not playing their custom audio on attacks.
  • Minigame coins can once again be placed in clubworlds & cornerstones.


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