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Hey Trovians,

We sincerely apologize for the stability issues and extended downtimes you are currently experiencing in Trove.

As you may have noticed, we have recently migrated our EU game servers from an onsite solution to a leading cloud computing platform. We heavily prepared for this transition, but sometimes things do not go as planned. Rest assured that improving Trove's server reliability is our highest priority.

Due to the current connectivity issues, we understand that you do not yet feel the positive effects of moving to the cloud platform. Nevertheless, we want key you in as to why we chose this path and what it means for you in the future.

Our reason for moving to the cloud platform was to enhance your gaming experience. The dynamic scalability options available in the cloud platform allow for game server updates to be deployed much faster and with fewer errors. Autoscaling, now built into Trove, dynamically adjusts servers so there is always enough overhead to handle even the most populated instances. It even saves resources which we can then directly invest back into the further development of Trove.

We believe that you will soon benefit from even better server performance, lower latency, and much less downtime than you had in the past.

We thank you, our loyal players, for your patience and understanding during this time.


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