Why we update the PC & Console version on different dates...

Hey Trovians. We noticed that consoles players are feeling left behind and are worried about not having updates at the same time as the PC version. Rest assured that we care equally as much about the console version as the PC version, and want to explain why there is a difference in the update rhythm.

When the console version was initially released, PC and console reached release parity over the course of about 6 months, which meant that both had patches released at the same time. The thing is, console patches take much longer to develop due to the various console specific requirements. It also takes time to put console patches through certification (which PC patches don't require).

Slowing down the development cycle to match the speed of content releases for consoles means that less content can be released and that we have to live with bugs longer between releases, so we've split them back apart. This has some added benefits for both console and PC players:

  • We can release content faster for PC 
  • Fix bugs before they reach console 

Thank you again for letting us know your concerns, because we want to keep an open and honest dialog with you. We hope you now understand that patching consoles later than the PC version leads to a more complete update for console players.

This article has been taken from the Trove Forums in a thread created by gedc

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I 100% agree with this... Thank you for stating this again, some people just didn't understand or were too stubborn to accept this was the reasoning for the game playing on 2 different versions.