Trovesaurus Development Updates - April

May 1, 2019 by Etaew

Thank you for being part of our slightly weird mustache leaning community. Here are the changes that have been made during the month of April.

The amount of changes are smaller than some months due to some personal issues, so I apologize for that.

CommunityTop ^


  • On the Characters tab if a character doesn't have a name we have made sure that there is some clickable area so you can edit your character.
  • You can now comment on other peoples profiles, if the user is a Modder or Artist and have set their profile as public
  • Modders and Artists can use a custom sidebar text area on their profiles
  • Started to split the edit profile page into several tabs to prepare for future expansion and start to reduce the longlong page
  • In an effort to reduce spam, only those active in the community can now set text on their profile


  • Removed Note and Invalid ribbons from art previews, I felt they were a bit shaming, and the authors didn't need to get those kind of notifications.
  • Repurposed the Notes system to be Judges Highlight comments, notes set now will only be positive ones, they will also be used to help order art results in some cases, notes will now generate notifications instead of private messages.
  • Additional Entry and Highlight badges are now displayed as part of the art preview box


  • Fixed an issue where tooltips weren't appropriate generated for notifications
  • Mod Pack descriptions now process tags


  • Comments can now be reported to site moderators at the click of a button, this will be manually reviewed and then the comment can either be approved (which prevents further reports) or removed with any needed action taken

DatabaseTop ^


  • Item pages can now point to Packs which contain them


  • Style pages will look up related recipes correctly
  • Style pages now list if they are obtained from Packs


  • Themes can now be indicated as primary, and are displayed first


  • Fixed an issue that preventing some Biome styles being displayed
  • Biome styles now display in an accordion split by type

Site / DiscordTop ^


  • h1, h2s and h3s have been sent to fat-camp and have lost weight
  • Fixed some colour oddity in the downtime banner on the site


  • Removed the Feedback and Request for Further Information sections, as I don't have the bandwidth, manpower or motivation needed to continue providing the solutions and changes at this time. It may re-open in future.
  • Added a new [modlarge=id] tag to create a large full width mod box with a full mod images scroller so I can use them in articles.
  • Database contributions have been reopened
  • Downtime notifications timezone has been adjusted so they should no longer be an hour out
  • Made another round of attempts at sanity checks for the server status detection to help prevent false positives of server being available when it wasn't


  • Added two hype emojis thanks to Wyvern
  • Notifications for Mod and Art uploads now include a count of their total uploads and a notification if certain milestones are reached


  • Twitter notifications for Mod uploads will now skip where possible gifs, even if their extension isn't a .gif, some gifs are too large and weren't being processed and caused a loop, the next available image will instead be shown


  • Removed thousands of spam accounts from the site (with random links on their profile) and prevented a number of top level domain email addresses from being able to register in future. Please make sure you pay attention to any error messages if you are trying to register.
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