Gardening (Spring) Art Contest Results

April 22, 2019 by Etaew

Thanks for participating in the Gardening (Spring) Art Contest that Evilagician hosted. There were a large number of entries and several new faces we are happy to welcome to our community.

We have the results ready from our guest judges this contest is Meowser from the Trove Team and Kiwibird, formerly from the Trove Team, who have been asked to select a mix of established and newer artists.

As for rewards we are currently transitioning our reward policy away from a reward everyone mentality as that required us to exclude a few lower quality entries and I felt that it was too disheartening to newer and younger members to have to set notes telling them of this. For now we will increase the amount of highlights and ask the judges to be mindful of new and original entries.

But it isn't just about what we think, tell the artists themselves if you like something they have done.

Meowser HighlightsTop ^


Meowser: "Very cute, I love the battery hat and the guy in the background. The greenhouse setting is also adorable."

Meowser: "Good use of colors and playful use of outlines"

Kiwibird HighlightsTop ^

Peaceful Hills by JeybixHighlight


Kiwibird: "Excellent use of color and blending."

Spring Beetle by CDM135Highlight


Kiwibird: "Excellent outlines, good job on the anatomy!"

Spring vibes by NyanSweetHighlight


Kiwibird: "Seasonal, vibrant colors and excellent choice of shading."


Kiwibird: "Tons of variety in this one! Good job."

New Artist HighlightsTop ^

Gardening time! by AkipiHighlight


Delicious: "My goodness gracious. I sincerely love how soft, and warm it feels; your style that was approached with this piece helped embrace the simplicity of the overall outcome and how adorable are your gardening concepts! I really hope that the Gardening update turns out this cool, as it's cute to have little tools to help out trovians appreciate taking care of 'em! Keep up the good work, it's absolutely wonderful! ♥"

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