Spaxter's Odd Shadowhunter Build

April 16, 2019 by Sparren

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An odd shadowhunter build that probably isn't good but kind of works


Obviously you want some crystal gear. So that's what we're gonna get.

Grab a crystal bow with these stats

  • Physical Damage
  • Light
  • Critical Damage
  • Critical Hit
  • Movement Speed

Image result for trove crystalline headThe face

  • Maximum Health
  • Light
  • Critical Damage
  • Physical Damage
  • Movement Speed

Image result for crystal hat troveAnd finally, the hat

  • Maximum Health
  • Light
  • Movement Speed
  • Jump
  • Critical Damage

Image result for trove power solitaireThe Ring

  • Physical Damage
  • Magic Find / Jump (Pick the one you like the most)


Image result for minion duplication flask troveIf you want to go for absolute damage, take the Vial of Minion Multiplication

Image result for Valorous vial troveThe Valorous Vial is better if you wanna be a bit more secure with staying alive.


Image result for martial emblem troveThe Martial Emblem is essential for the shadow hunter, nothing can replace it.

Image result for beamer emblemThe Beamer Emblem works amazingly with the the Vial of Minion Multiplication

Image result for surestrike emblemThe Surestrike Emblem can work too as it will give you close to, if not 100% crit chance


Image result for purr-ate captainFor an ally, I've found that I really like the Purr-ate Captain's constant healing

Image result for rapt berserkerBut then of course, the Rapt Berserker is go-to if you want to max your damage.

For gems, I won't go too in-depth since this is all up to you and what you like.

Image result for shadow blitz troveShadow Blitz - Essential gem for the shadow hunter. Nothing can replace it.

Image result for shadow blitz troveVolatile Velocity - Makes your arrows faster, what else do you need to know?

Image result for shadow blitz trovePyrodisc - Feels very satisfying to use, and gives you some AoE damage.

Image result for vampiric gem troveVampirian Vanquisher - Super useful, can't think of anything to replace it.

For the gem stats, Critical Damage is a must. Replace any gem that doesn't have crit damage as a stat.


Knight subclass icon Knight - Gives you some extra flasks, quite useful for staying alive.

Gunslinger subclass icon Gunslinger - Take this if you want to deal as much damage as possible.

Fae Trickster subclass icon Fae Trickster - I mainly use this for speed, but gives you some AoE damage too.


This is the build I use for the Shadow hunter. It's not the best, but I like using it.

Thank you for reading!

- Spaxter

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