Trovesaurus is the New Home for Modders

Hey everyone. We’ve teamed up with Trovesaurus to make a new home for your PC mod submissions. This is now the official spot for our dev team to pick mods that will be added to all versions of Trove down the road (previously this was done on the Trove Forums).

Want to learn the basics of Trove Modding? Check out this page to get started.
The Trove development team has already approved several new mods that will come to the game in the future, and we’re very excited to work with Trovesaurus and everyone else to keep the process as streamlined as possible.

Thanks so much to all of the incredibly talented members of our modding community. Trove absolutely wouldn’t be the same without your passion and creativity!

Please note that Trovesaurus has edited this post to reflect correct information.

How to submit your mod to the Trove developers

  • Upload your mod to Trovesaurus (skip this if you already have uploaded your mod)
  • At the top of the page for your mod press the Submit Mod to Developers button

  • Once you press the Submit Mod to Developers button you will see a list of rewards for your mod if it is accepted, as well as a legal agreement from gamigo, you will need to accept this agreement to continue the submission.
  • Once the legal agreement has been accepted the mod will have been flagged for the developers to view periodically.
  • Please note that you will not necessarily receive feedback on your mod, sometimes the developers will comment on your mod if they would like some specific improvements.
  • Once your mod has been accepted it will be announced in the Trovesaurus Discord and you will be sent a message on Trovesaurus Mail.

You can view Submitted Mods on the following page: 

You can also view Accepted Mods on the following page: 

As well as view an overview of your own mods you have submitted on your user profile page an icon will be added next to your mod indicating that it has been submitted.

You will be able to cancel your mod submission using the same process as submitting it, there will be a cancel button.

More Information

  • The following mod types will not be available for submission:
    • Wings
    • Cosmetics
    • GUI
    • Utility
    • NPCs
    • Language
  • Hints:
    • For costumes it is more likely that they will be accepted if the class does not have many costumes already in game
    • The developers will be unlikely to install your mod when reviewing at first glance, please make sure your preview images show the mod in your best light, GIFs are encouraged
  • Rewards for Accepted Mods
  • Legal Agreement


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