Trovesaurus Development Updates - March

April 1, 2019 by Etaew

We work hard to keep the site up to date, working and pretty for you. Here are the changes to the functionality of the site during the month of March.


  • The section for "About" will hide if there is no text set there
  • Creating a post on your profile page will now notify your followers
  • Profile headers are now condensed on tabs
  • Moved the commission information links to the Art tab
  • Moved the contact information and mail / follow buttons to the overview page


  • Archived art is now hidden from everyone but you and site mods
  • Hid the art folders for Popular and Contest
  • Added a new folder for By Others so that you can see art that has been draw of you, this is filled by looking for your username in the Relation to Trove field
  • Notifications are no longer generated for art to set a Relation to Trove field when the art isn't entered into a contest
  • When no contests are active the active contests box is hidden and only finished contest are displayed


  • You can now submit mods directly to the Trove developers through Trovesaurus, look for the new button at the top of your mod page once it is published. You will need to accept a legal agreement from gamigo US. Once your mod is submitted it is viewable by the devs and if they like it they then have the option to accept it, if it is accepted you will be notified on the Trovesaurus Discord and Trovesaurus Mail. You cannot submit Cosmetics / Wings / GUI / Utility / NPC  or Language mods.
  • Added a page to view submitted mods from the Mods page and nav menu
  • Added a badge to indicate the number of mods which have been accepted in the past 7 days on the nav menu and the mods menu, also highlighted those mods on the accepted mods page
  • Fixed an issue preventing new Helmet mods from being uploaded
  • Fixed some white backgrounds and irregular sized thumbnails on the mod image carousel
  • Fixed some erroneous mod submission text on the top of the Mods page
  • Fixed an issue preventing mod images from being re-ordered
  • Fixed an issue where a featured image URL when set to a non Imgur URL would not load correctly
  • Adjusted the appearance of old forum comments by devs detected on a mods thread
  • Fixed an issue where the latest file version on mods wouldn't be highlighted as active in the tab, also removed the duplicate header of the version number
  • Renamed the Catalog Image field on mods to be called Mod Icon so that it is more clear, added some behind the scenes check of the image to make sure it is valid, it must be between 64px and 512px and must have height and width dimensions that match, feedback is presented to the user why their image is not valid, or if it is
  • Mods are now displayed in a condensed row so that there is less scrolling
  • Removed the Featured Image URL completely, we encourage you to use the Images upload form and selecting the featured image using that method. Featured images are not lost, but only way to change them for future mods is the new method.
  • Re-arranged the Mod Image page, and added a preview to the Catalog image once it is saved so that it is similar to the Featured Image preview.
  • Added links to the Mod Rewards and Legal Agreement on the Mods page so that you can find and refer to them without having to submit a new mod
  • Moved the usage report on the Rigs page to the sidebar instead of a separate tab
  • Added a page to list Blueprints
  • Mods with GIFs as the featured image will no longer get caught on the Twitter announce, the image will be shifted to the next non-GIF image


  • Styles are displayed in an Accordion and grouped by type
  • Styles can now manually be added to themes
  • Removed obsolete references to includes and excludes and added a summary of matches


  • Removed the coloured headers on comments as it didn't look great on the dark theme (notably that green background, with the modders green username text)


  • Recent guides are now listed in the order they were released, not the order they were created
  • Subpages now don't appear on the Guides list


  • Removed the comment count from the Pages List component, and placed author and date on a new line, transitioned to paragraphs instead of lists.
  • The Pages List component will now filter out a series name if there is one present
  • Adjusted the News Grid on the Front Page to use the full line width instead of 1/3 of the screen
  • Refreshed the aging appearance of the Editors component
  • Added a Today in Trove widget to the front page sidebar which indicates the daily bonus and the reset times


  • Adjusted the [colour] tag to be a minimum 256px width and accept a custom width as an additional arguement e.g. [colour=000000;512]



  • The internal tool for listing the collection pages for missing information has been improved so that it isn't paginated and split by different fields (no work done, no text, no effects, no obtain, no troxel link). Entering "noeffects" in effects will hide that section and remove it from the task list, entering "notext" in text will hide that section and remove it from the task list.


  • On the collections pages hid the Images tab and Images section for Tomes, Badges, Flask Effects, Flasks and hid the Sounds section for non Mag Riders.
  • Removed the rarely used "Dev Made" filter on the Collections list
  • Dragons page added Subpages for Eggs and Fragments and restored a link to Dragon Stats
  • Adjusted the Collections page to add a new category link to Dragons (even though Dragons are technically in the Mounts category), this page also points to Eggs, Fragments and Stats.
  • Removed the Collections link for Boats, added links to the Boat subpages from within the Collections view for the Boat Category.
  • Added another view on the Dragons Collections which lists other mounts that can fly but are not considered Dragons
  • Added a new Tomes view which lists the Tomes by Daily or Weekly in a single table
  • The Dragons, Boats, Tomes, Allies, Costumes, Mounts and Wings page now use the Collections Accordion
  • Added a count and in-progress count report to the sidebar of the Costumes page
  • Restored the link between Styles and Themes and displayed the Theme on the Style page.
  • Added support to filter Strings, Collections, Items and Deco by Patch
  • Started to track when a Collection was changed
  • Started tracking changes in the database instead of in a manual page
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