Geode Surface Highlights

March 7, 2019 by Etaew

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Geode Surface art challenge, we have a few highlights thanks to our guest judges Jeybix and Ylva. There were a number of great entries in this one, so I'm sorry if you weren't highlighted but we love you and your work anyway!

JeybixTop ^

All of the choices that I've picked is what i find great although all of the pieces that were made are great, i found this pieces great based on how it caught my attention and how i liked it personally. 

The reason that i like this art is the art style and how he/she drew the smiling eel. Whenever i see this art, i always smile. And based on my artistic side, i find this great and simple. The emphasis, the contrast of colors are great perfectly balanced for an art. Also, it gave me Rick and Morty vibes for some reasons. Overall, it's cool and great that's why i chose this.

The simplicity really caught my attention. I chose this one because i like how he drew it in a graphing paper. It really  emphasizes the fact the trove is a 3D Pixelated game. I like how he made it look like a geometrical art. And also, it shows the "Ganda" and the "Tank Turtles" which made this a great deal for me because I've been grinding nitro ever since just to upgrade my Crystal Gears and this method of grinding which they called "The Train" made a huge impact in me. Overall, this is lit and i hope to see more of this art someday.

YlvaTop ^

Very interesting composition and perspective. Loving the idea and unusual implementation!

So beautiful! Majestic and bright colors give this piece of art a lot of special alien ambiance.


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