Auryms Tale

March 6, 2019 by Etaew

Aurym, Keeper of Histories has been tracking down some of the main questions that you Trovians have been dying to know. 

Big thanks to Atronos and the Trove Team for helping us put together, please be aware that this list isn't considered an official source for everything, but should give you a good indication.

GoddessesTop ^

Who were the parents of the Sun/Moon Goddesses?

The Sun Goddess is the originator of everything in the Trove universe - it's Soul, if you will. When that soul became self-aware, the Moon Goddess was created as a reflection of the Sun Goddess - it's Mind. As such, they don't really have any parents - although you could technically argue that the Sun Goddess is, in a way, the precursor or parent of the Moon Goddess, they have always treated each other as sisters and equals.

What do we know about the Moon Goddess' betrayal?

Since the time of the sundering, there have been rumors that the Sun and Moon Goddesses had a falling out, and Q'bthulhu took advantage of this to lure the Moon Goddess into a trap, imprisoning her in the Everdark. There are whispers that perhaps that isn’t the whole story.

What do we know about the Sun Goddess' super light attack which eradicated a lot of Shadows? Why was this not used more? Where did the Sun Goddess go?

All that is known is that it was powerful enough to destroy the world, and after it the Sun Goddess was gone, her power and her very lifeforce consumed powering up the attack. No-one knows for sure where the Sun Goddess is now, but the Sunseekers _might_ have some ideas.

Qubesley is fairly sure he saw her in a gas station in Sarasota, FL.

Did the DotM kidnap and possibly kill the Sun Goddess?

Daughter of the Moon isn't really in the same league as the Sun Goddess, so unless she had a lot of help, it would be impossible for her to subdue or kill the Sun Goddess. Energy can’t be created or destroyed, only transferred or changed from one for to another. Thermodynamics are important.

Where is the Moon Goddess?

No one knows exactly, but a persistent rumor is that Q'bthulhu has her trapped somewhere deep in the Everdark. Whether this proves true is yet to be seen.

The ShadowTop ^

Where did the Shadow Tower come from, how was it constructed and by who?

The Shadow Tower was built by Dr. Darknik in association with the Shadows, as a combination research facility and advance base. Think of it as a very large aircraft carrier - the Shadows use it as a headquarters outside of the Everdark from which to stage attacks on the world of Trove.

Where did the Shadow Titans come from? why are they in the Shadow Tower? why do they not permanently die when killed?

Shadow Titans come from the Everdark, where they are among the most powerful Shadows. Their role in the Shadow Tower is coordinating attacks on Trove by Shadow Invaders and other Shadows, to further Dr. Darknik's and the Daughter of the Moon's agenda, whatever that may be.

The Shadow is a powerful force. Defeating an enemy that preys upon weakness, fear, and jealousy isn’t so easy. We can work together to shed light on the darkness, but it’s a conflict as old as time and one that requires more than one victory in the field of battle.

How were the Shadows discovered?

On the planet Earth we think of shadows in pretty stark terms. They are both the literal blocking of light, but also a concept for the hidden corners of our minds. Shadows on Trove have always been a more literal manifestation. They are given strength by feeding on fear, doubt, hatred, and jealousy. The first manifestation of Shadow happened well before the planet of Trove was built.

What do we know about Q'bthulhu's attack, the Corruption and the Sundering?

Q'bthulhu cultivated its influence throughout the different biomes of Trove, slightly differently in each, but usually in the form of a charismatic figure that gained a large following before causing a great schism between the people of that biome. Then, while folks were distracted by fear and intolerance, the Shadow forces attacked in overwhelming numbers.

Eventually, when everything seemed lost, the Sun Goddess intervened, enacting the Sundering, which wiped away the Shadows and split Trove into many pieces in order to make it much harder for the Shadows to gain a firm stronghold from which to attack the residents of Trove. Their foothold in the Everdark was splintered from the remaining biomes. This is a tactical advantage for the light, but it wasn’t an outright victory over evil, malevolent forces.

What do we know about the origins of Q'bthulhu?

No-one knows anything about Q'bthulhu that he does not wish to be known. The only thing he wishes us to know at this time is that he’s never been to Sarasota.

Are there Shadow Adventurers, like we are the Light Adventurers?

Most Trovians align with the Sun Goddess rather than with the Shadows, because the Shadows tend to be more interested in sucking the life/light out of living creatures than becoming their friends. That said, Q'bthulhu is very adept at corrupting and deceiving creatures of light - the Moon Goddess being a prime example - so it's not out of the question that some Trovians may have fallen under his influence.

What was the Daughter of the Moon doing before being in the Shadow Tower?

Scouting out ideal real estate opportunities for a tower.

Dragons, Mounts and AlliesTop ^

Where do the Dragons come from? and what are their motivations and goals?

Most dragons are direct descendants of Zehiria, the Dragon Celestial Paragon and mother of dragons - notable exceptions are dragons like Baesmuth, who is a construct created by the Shaper, and Blocktron, who is a fusion of several lesser dragons. All dragons serve Zehiria, and by association the Sun Goddess. They usually work towards the preservation and stewardship of Trove, often in a role assigned to them specifically by Zehiria or by Valkaizer, who in his role as King of Dragons is tasked with ensuring harmony and goodwill among dragonkind.

Why do we kill some Dragons for Fragments to create versions of them?

Think of it less as killing them, and more defeating them in a trial by combat to earn their respect. The fragments represent the dragon's favour, and once you have earned enough, the Dragon deems you worthy and agrees to become your ally and help you in your adventures. The system by which you acquire fragments is an abstraction of this idea.

What are the origins of Qubesly as one of the oldest characters in Trove? how does he relate to other Qubeslies, is it a race?

Qubesley is a complicated character who has worn many hats over the years. He’s a storyteller, of that there is no doubt. For literally everything else about him, it’s probably best to keep a grain of salt handy.

How do we collect Mounts and Allies? Do they choose to work with you?

Yes. Allies fight by the side of adventurers who inspire them. They have the passion for joining with those who seek to protect Trove from harm. They can’t summon devastating ice cream cone attacks, but they can buff the heck out of your Superstition, if you play your cards right.

What is Fortras' story? What is he announcing and what is he destroying?

Fortras is the Sun Goddess's personal herald - his job was originally to just deliver messages for her, or to announce her arrival at friendly locations. In times of war, and especially any time the Sun Goddess herself joins the battle, he heralds her arrival by devastating anything in her path with his dragon breath.

Where did Luxion come from, and why does he have rare items? Where does he live when he isn't in the hub?

When he's not in the Hub, Luxion is wandering the multiverse looking for things to add to his Golden Hoard, or for things to trade for things to add to his Hoard. As for where he came from, the only thing that's known for certain is that he is a descendant of Zehiria. Other than that, he's quite the oddball for a dragon, because amassing wealth isn't a thing Trovian Dragons tend to do.

Can Yabaki be considered a bird of paradise?

Birds of Paradise are a very specific subset of mounts (Ganda, Kabiri, etc), whereas Yabaki is a shadow created from Cygnus's negative emotions - his darkness, if you will. So, despite the physical similarity, Yabaki is an entirely different type of beast.

GeodeTop ^

Why do so many creatures in the Geode Caves need help?

Most of the Geodian creatures you encounter in the caves escaped from the Surface, their natural habitat, to avoid the Shadows. Since the caves are very different from the surface, the creatures aren't having an easy time adjusting to the new environment, hurting themselves, not acclimated to the lower temperature, and unable to find food. Fortunately for them, you're here to lend a hand!

Is DotM responsible for what happened to Geode?

No, Daughter of the Moon's jurisdiction is strictly limited to Trovian affairs.

What is the purpose of Bomber Royale?

To keep Trovians on Geode battle-ready as Rowan and the Sunseekers finalize preparations to take back the Surface of Geode. You don't want your combat skills to get rusty from not using them while you're in the Geode caves mining and gathering resources.

Biomes and FactionsTop ^

Why are the Adventure Worlds separated as shown on the Atlas?

Each 'chunk' on the Atlas represents a physical 'chunk' of the shattered planet of Trove. The Atlas itself is an abstraction designed for ease of use, while at the same time illustrating the general idea of what the current state of Trove is.

What are the motivations of the Amperium and Resistors?

Long story short, the Amperium want to conquer Neon City and then the rest of Trove. The Resistors are a loose coalition of Kami, Neon Citizens, Trovians, and others who oppose the Amperium. While the Amperium see themselves as a separate force that is out to conquer and accumulate power, their arrogance and hatred fuel the forces of Shadow, exactly as Q'bthulhu wishes.

How was the Kingdom of Permafrost destroyed?

This is a mystery that is yet to be solved, but Qubesley has some theories.

Where did the Radiant Giants go?

They still wander in the ruins of the Sun Goddess's realm, but they're not quite the same as they used to be in her absence.

What do Candorians eat? Are they cannibals?

Candorians eat a variety of non-sentient candies like the ones you can find strewn across the ground in their biome - gummy berries, sugar puffs, etc.

Why don't Candorian entities melt or go off?

For the same reason you don't rot, melt in the sun, or freeze in the cold - being alive, their bodies fight off the bacteria that cause decomposition, and their organisms include processes that regulate their body temperatures. Their sweat is probably sweet rather than salty, but other than that they work in similar ways to other organic beings.

Do the inhabitants of Biomes collaborate or are they isolationist or enemies?

It depends on the particular inhabitants - the Wild Fae and Dark Fae of the Fae Forest are currently engaged in a civil war; the dinosaurs of Jurassic Jungle only really care about stuff they can or can't eat; the Amperium are opposed to anyone who opposes their conquest of the rest of the world (so everyone really). Each biome has its factions, and each faction has its own unique relationships to other factions.

How do Biomes and Classes relate? Is Neon Ninja a program gone wrong? Did Chloromancers grow those giant Sunlight Bulbs? Did the Knight leave a king? Is Tomb Raiser responsible for all the undead creatures?

Classes tend to be, roughly, a specific type of hero who arises due to the circumstances in a particular biome. Trovians native to Neon City with a heroic spark tend to learn the way of the Neon Ninja, or more recently the Vanguardian, because that is what is available to them in terms of 'teaching', and that is what their heroic ability naturally attunes to.

As for the other questions, No, Maybe, No, and No.

OtherTop ^

Where do we (Players/Trovians) come from? Are we part of this world or were we summoned here? Why do we fight?

Trovians are native to Trove. There are beings who came here from other realms, but Troviankind is very much of Trove. Each of us has our own reasons for fighting. Why do you fight?

Are Clubs represented or explained in the world of Trove? Are they just collections of adventurers in the form of Guilds?

Clubs are whatever their members want them to be. There is strength in numbers, so it’s good for champions of the light to gather, share stories, work toward common goals, and give each other a sense of community as we prepare for greater challenges ahead.

What is the purpose of the Battle Arena?

A non-lethal way for Trovians to test their skill in battle against other Trovians. And bragging rights. Mainly bragging rights.

What is the explanation of Chaos Chests and Trove of Wonders containing such powerful rewards?

Troves of Wonder contain, well, _wondrous_ items collected by the Merchant of Marvels from faraway places in the lands of Trove. MoM has a keen eye for treasure and limited space in the hold of the ship, so MoM only brings back the best stuff, for the most discerning customers. MoM's mom always said this was the best way of conducting business, and MoM's mom was a very wise birdwoman.

Chaos Chests are completely random. That's the nature of Chaos - it can be exceptionally positive, or exceptionally bad. It's random, and definitely not affected by Superstition... Definitely not.

What is the explanation of the currency in Trove, who values them and why? (Flux, Glim, Souls etc)

Flux, Glim, and Souls are valuable in the same way that Gold or Diamond are valuable in our world - they have attributes that make them desirable for a variety of purposes - for crafting, improving gear, decorative value, etc. That value creates demand (how much of that stuff everyone wants), which is tempered by supply (how fast the stuff can be obtained and made available to others). In the case of Flux, Glim, and Souls, these are universally useful to everyone in Trove, in different amounts, and their value fluctuates as more or less need for them exists.

Are Dracolyte and Ice Sage a couple?

You could say they have a... 'steamy' relationship, but should you? Probably not. There are lots of different Dracolytes and Ice Sage’s, so they aren’t all paired off, no.

Is Darknik Dreadnought an upgraded version of Spike Walker?

In the same way that a mammoth tank is an upgraded version of a battering ram.

When did the Sundering happen in the general timeline of destruction?

Novtember Sumpteenth of the common era.

The lore in the Tutorial felt quite open-ended, is there more that could be continued?

It was left open-ended so that we could pick it up again in the future, when it made sense to do so.

Where do our powers and abilities come from?

Training, Discipline, and Hard Work. Also, probably in some small amount to a tenuous connection to the Soul of the Universe, the Sun Goddess, in the form of the Heroic Spark - the innate ability to rise above default potential to become a hero, change classes, and kick shadow butt.

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