Trovesaurus Development Updates - February

March 4, 2019 by Etaew

Changes made to Trovesarus during the month of February.

Mobile Updates

  • Condensed the header notification padding and text content
  • Made the Sage icon and text logo appear on the same line
  • Moved the Profile and Navigation hamburger menus on the same line and that they both have a label
  • When viewing art, other art by the same artist will display in a nicer grid instead of large images and lots of scrolling
  • Completely redesigned the home page so that it is easier to navigate on mobiles and retains the original functionality
  • The search icon and field on the navbar are now friends again on mobile devices, they will now appear next to eachother
  • Dropdown menus on the nav bar will now have to be clicked to expand, auto open was a problem on mobiles
  • Decreased the text size and increased the width of the dropdown menu
  • Notification badges will now stay grouped with their icon
  • Added text descriptions to the mobile profile navigation
  • Condensed the server downtime banner so that it wasn't huge on mobiles
  • Condensed News/Guides  pages slightly on mobiles
  • Slimmed down some of the Gallery art results and made it okay on mobiles
  • Restored the Grid format to the Gallery, the condensed cards were causing them to appear in a non intuitive order
  • Added a new optional text editor that can be selected on your profiles, this text editor has advanced mobile support
  • Adjusted the Mods page to hide the class images when used on smaller screens

Other Updates

  • Refreshed the Daily Bonuses page and included a Daily and Weekly reset timer
  • Tried to reduce the clutter on the Items page by removing items that we feature elsewhere
  • Tags will no longer be processed when within a <code> tag
  • Added Geode ores to the Materials cost guide
  • Added a new visual way to change themes and added a link to the profile nav menu
  • You can now create links to your character using [character=1] e.g. [character=1]
  • Added a restore last draft button to the smaller text editor, so there is an increased chance you can restore your work when a mistake is made and you close the browser
  • Removed rounded borders from event icons in the calendar, replaced green background on entered events with a green tick
  • We never tracked when you created your account, but we now make our best guess to your account age and display it on your profile
  • The Idea Generator now has a button to show the description of an item without leaving the page or using tooltips
  • We now won't prompt people to submit Troxel Contributions when we already have one set
  • Adjusted appearance of the top of the Collections page slightly
  • Adjusted appearance of the Trophies page slightly and added some missing categories
  • NPCs page now properly supports Troxel links and the new Model Viewer
  • Fixed an issue preventing Modders from removing Themes from their Mods
  • The Themes page now lists a summary of detected collection types for each theme, to give Modders an idea of gaps in the accepted creations
  • Excluded results from the lore page when they contain a ":" as this usually indicates a Collection and the results were being duplicated
  • Moved the nav bar search after the logo instead of floating towards the right
  • Updated the appearance of the search page slightly, also started tracking some of the more popular searches
  • Adjusted the way Collections and Items are assigned to Themes, this also now is visible on their pages
  • Adjusted the appearance of the nav menu for a Theme and split Deco away from Items
  • Added a feature for Users to create Posts on their Profile
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Add Mod to Modpack form from displaying when a Mod wasn't in a Mod Pack
  • Links to comments on Build pages no longer say "unhandled"
  • Styles and Collection lists now appear in a collapsable group style similar to how they are displayed in game
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