Lore Week: Summary

February 23, 2019 by Etaew

Thanks for taking part in our Lore Week, where we asked for questions you would like answered, and suggestions on presenting lore. The notes I have taken are presented below:

Rewards for participating have gone out, I noticed a period of comments where they were the same just re-ordered from a few users and have skipped a few, if you feel that you are missing a justified reward, let me know.

Major RequestsTop ^

  • 22: Dragons
  • 19:  Biomes (including main biome events)
  • 17: Shadow Tower and Titans
  • 15: Classes and Abilities
  • 15: Geode (including origins and characters)
  • 10: Major Characters (including deities)
  • 8: Backstory
  • 7: Important Characters (including titans, cygnus, snow queen, birds of paradise, geodian ones)
  • 6: Races and Species
  • 6: Shadow Giants
  • 3: Mounts and Allies
  • 2: Factions

Presentation SuggestionsTop ^

  • Narrated tale
  • Artist representation
  • User submitted fan theories (with ratings)
  • Dedicated character pages, theorised relationships, links to existing collections
  • Allow designers to set notes on their creations under the lore, explaining their motivations and design goals
  • Suggest related lore like we suggest pages
  • Change location of lore on the nav menu
  • Pull bits of lore to display on the Biome pages
  • Add some Trivia to some lore
  • Use Biomes as hubs to additional related lore, like characters and events

Specific QuestionsTop ^

  • Where did the Shadow Tower come from, how was it constructed and by who?
  • Where did the Shadow Titans come from? why are they in the Shadow Tower? why do they not permanently die when killed?
  • Where do the Dragons come from? and what are their motivations and goals?
  • Why do we kill some Dragons for Fragments to create versions of them?
  • Why do so many creatures in the Geode Caves need help?
  • What do we know about the Moon Goddess' betrayal?
  • How were the Shadows discovered?
  • What do we know about Q'bthulhu's attack, the Corruption and the Sundering?
  • Where do we (Players/Trovians) come from? Are we part of this world or were we summoned here? Why do we fight?
  • What are the origins of Qubesly as one of the oldest characters in Trove? how does he relate to other Qubeslies, is it a race?
  • How do we collect Mounts and Allies? Do they choose to work with you?
  • What is Fortras' story? What is he announcing and what is he destroying?
  • What are the motivations of the Amperium and Resistors?
  • What do we know about the Sun Goddess' super light attack which eradicated a lot of Shadows? Why was this not used more? Where did the Sun Goddess go?
  • What do we know about the origins of Q'bthulhu?
  • How was the Kingdom of Permafrost destroyed?
  • Are Clubs represented or explained in the world of Trove? Are they just collections of adventurers in the for of Guilds?
  • Where did the Radiant Giants go?
  • What do we know of the origins of the Elemental Worlds and Primordial Dragons?
  • What do Candorians eat? Are they cannibals?
  • Why don't Candorian entities melt or go off?
  • Are there Shadow Adventurers, like we are the Light Adventurers?
  • What is the purpose of the Battle Arena?
  • What is the purpose of Bomber Royale?
  • What is the explanation of Chaos Chests and Trove of Wonders containing such powerful rewards?
  • What is the explanation of the currency in Trove, who values them and why? (Flux, Glim, Souls etc)
  • Diggsly's Shadow, why did it run off? what did Diggsly do to it to make him go?
  • Mortsdot, why does he hide? is there something sketchy about what he has done? why does he not come from behind the statue? has he got something to hide?
  • Where did Luxion come from, and why does he have rare items? Where does he live when he isn't in the hub?
  • Are Dracolyte and Ice Sage a couple?
  • Is Darknik Dreadnought an upgraded version of Spike Walker?
  • Is DotM responsible for what happened to Geode?
  • Was Diggsly originally an inhabitant of Geode, which is why his shadow runs to Geode?
  • Did the DotM kidnap and possibly kill the Sun Goddess?
  • Is the Neon Ninja from a specific clan?
  • Can Yabaki be considered a bird of paradise?
  • Why don't we see Q'bthulhu attacking Geode?
  • Where is the Moon Goddess?
  • How do Biomes and Classes relate? Is Neon Ninja a program gone wrong? Did Chloromancers grow those giant Sunlight Bulbs? Did the Knight leave a king? Is Tomb Raiser responsible for all the undead creatures?
  • What was the Daughter of the Moon doing before being in the Shadow Tower?
  • Why are the Adventure Worlds separated as shown on the Atlas?
  • When did the Sundering happen in the general timeline of destruction?
  • The lore in the Tutorial felt quite open-ended, is there more that could be continued?
  • Where did Flux come from?
  • Do the inhabitants of Biomes collaborate or are they isolationist or enemies?
  • Who were the parents of the Sun/Moon Goddesses?
  • Where do our powers and abilities come from?
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