Trovesaurus Development Updates - January

February 2, 2019 by Etaew

Here is a roundup of the changes made to Trovesaurus during the month of January.

TagsTop ^

  • Removed the outline on the spoiler buttons when using an image instead of text
  • Collections tag can now be used with a designer as well as a category e.g. [collections=InProgress] or [collections=Delicious]
  • Link information on the Items page has been changed to match how it looks on Collections, additionally collections won't prompt you to use a name identifier when the category is InProgress
  • You can now link to abilities using the smart tag [boomerang] or if you need to be specific with a conflict [ability=boomerang]
  • Fixed an issue where [recipeitems=xxx] tag couldn't output non items, we can craft collections and classes too
  • You can now specify a bench as well as a category in the the [recipeitems] tag, examples [recipeitems=beacons] will show all recipes in the category of beacons across all benches, while [recipeitems=beacons;overclocked resistor workbench] will show a specific bench categories (this also accepts a bench identifier)

ModdersTop ^

  • The Rigs page will now  use a full catalog image if we have one available
  • The rigs page will now display a more full preview of the rig, if one is available, thanks to Deli
  • Condensed a fwe mod types and uncapitalised their names, added some additional browse links on the Mods page so that you didn't need to click through several screens
  • Adding a mod will now only ask for a type, the subtype is included as part of it
  • When editing a mod your editable sections now appear as links at hte top of the page to help you stop getting lost on the page and sidebar
  • The edit mod form has been split into two, for basic and advanced information
  • The add download form has been cleaned and restricted input filetypes
  • Accepted mods URL has changed and now is split by type, sorted by date, using catalog ietms where available
  • Mods which have a theme set will subtley recommend other mods that also use that theme, in the sidebar
  • Cleaned up the mod packs section from the mod page and moved the add to mod pack from the sidebar to that section for cleanness
  • Removed some additional clutter from the mod page when the mod isnt published, you don't need to see the spaces for likes and comments
  • Adjusted the way images are uploaded for mods, and the way featured images are selected, you can now click to select which you want to be your featured image
  • Rewrote a delicious new mod image slider
  • Catalog and Fetaured Image fields have been moved from advanced edit to images tab
  • Class modinfo can now support specific assets that are related to the class pattern and the related assets can point towards other groups, for example fixing a disconnect between "candy" and "icecream" naming conventions on the candy barbarian
  • Class modinfo will now detect blueprints which are empty and show that with a changed background colour and line through the text
  • The code vault has been upgraded to show the codes available and distributed in an easier format
  • Modders can now reorder the images on their mod pages with a drag and drop method. Use the Images button on the mod menu and select the Reorder tab.

ArtistsTop ^

  • Added a few more break points to the artists pgae so that the art previews wouldn't be super tiny and weird on mobiles
  • Artists are now able to create folders to help organise their art profile pages, art that is placed into a folder isn't displayed on the main list on a users profile page
  • Art gallery views have been adjusted to dislpay in a card group format insteade of rows, this should remove some of the gaps

EveryoneTop ^

  • Global site search will now look at the Dev Tracker for results
  • Classes page will now show more varied class art but limited to 1, and will also show a random class mod
  • Notifications when your comments are liked will now be more useufl instead of "unhandled"
  • You can now unlike comments that you have liked by mistake (you monster)
  • You can now set a Cosmic Gem on your Builds, additionally split the gem text up so it is easier to read and decreased the image size
  • Comment previews on the front page are no longer trimmed for length and now process tags
  • Added a new item to the guides nav menu, that will list permanent stat unlocks
  • Cleaned up the view of the collections pages, also added magic find to the effects you can filter by, results now also display the stat you are filtering by, so that you can get a better overview
  • Pagination will no longer be generated when it is not needed, so it won't appear on results where there are no pages
  • You can now select "None" as a site background
  • Fixed an issue with submitting an empty contribution, properly paused peoples submissions when they reached a rejection threashold and improved the internal tool to make it easier to accept and reject submissions
  • Improved the image upload component for mods and art, so that it doesn't require a page reload
  • h2s on processed pages will now generate "Top" link buttons to return to the top of the page
  • Mastery and Classes widget on your profile now displays the Power Rank and the Class Level instead of a tooltip
  • The classes page on your profile will now recommend appropriate difficulties for you to play in
  • Notification messages are now limited to 3 paragraphs in the modal preview
  • Classes page now splits the icons on the right up a bit more, and adds a label instead of a tooltip
  • Fixed pagination on style subgroups and made results appear in one page for the filters, now you can see all the filters clarly and by type
  • Cleaned up the giveaways - unluckiest subtab, and indicated that we'll send rewards for people who reach 100 giveaways without a win, and added an indicator to those we have rewarded
  • The server status page will now refresh every 60s when the servers are offline
  • The maintenance page has been updated with the current site style and added pagination to the history
  • The used to craft module on the item pages now slpits items by category, useful for large crafting tables
  • Slightly adjusted the clubs page to bring it in line with the current site style, and condensed the club results boxes
  • Initial import of plants cna be found on the items page, category for plants, their pages will show the stages of the plant from seed, to growing to mature
  • Updated the boats page to list special bots (fire and mount boats)
  • Added some additional inline elements to the text editor, small, highlight, deleted, strikethrough, insert
  • Re-arranged some of the header elements on the item pages thanks to Deli
  • Fixed an issue with the in-line form submissions
  • Improved the information update request forms when used on the database pages, so that you can select specifically what you need improved from a drop-down, and improved our internal tools to view and clear them
  • Added a page to see an overview of crafting material costs and added to the guides menu, and the internal tools to update them easier
  • On the user profile page
    • expanded the navigation so that it didn't have extra padding
    • added two new tabs for "News" and "Guides"
    • removed the tabs for "Characters", "Pages", "Drafts" and "Archived"
    • Profile owners can find the unpublished pages ont he respective tabs sidebars
    • Characters page is reachable from the sidebar widget
  • Adjusted the promotions widget to use icons instead of a list
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