Building a Cornerstone - Results

February 1, 2019 by Etaew

Thanks for taking part in our latest art contest and I credit those who did, this topic required a little bit of thinking as it was quite specific but it did highlight actions that your characters take. We asked [TrionFasti] to consult the team and highlight some entries that stood out to them, and the results are available below.

HighlightsTop ^

First time you play Trove, you have to think about Lego! Very similar to the true cornerstone in the game. In my childhood my world was not complete without buildings made out of Lego every day!

The use of scaffold blocks to indicate the building process is a very nice touch. The shading and overall art style is very sleek and cool, with bonus points to the epic look of the dragon familiar.

Good idea for the Egyptian throwback style. The Cleopatra-esque style is very cool and we love the frosty beverage in her hands!

The world would be less colorful without magic so it's great to see this costume highlighted. Plus, seeing a class physically carrying blocks to be placed is fun, but exhausting, to think about.


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