3 Empowered Gem Boxes - Recent Connectivity Issues

Hey, folks! The last few days saw an increased number of connectivity issues in all versions of Trove, but it was especially bad in the EU. While we've taken all the necessary steps to make sure the worst of these issues are behind us, we felt it was appropriate to offer a little something more to help make things right.

So, all Trovians who log in between 11 AM UTC December 22nd 2018 and 11 AM UTC on December 26th UTC, will be able to claim three Empowered Gem Box.

For anyone still experiencing any connectivity issues, they are likely to be separate issues from what was impacting the EU in recent days. Please make sure to submit a ticket to our support team immediately, as the wait is longer than we'd like for a response, so we want to get to everyone as quickly as possible.

Thanks very much


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