Dragonfire Peaks - Results

December 5, 2018 by Etaew

Thanks for taking part in our final biome art contest, last month we challenged artists to draw the Dragonfire Peaks biome, and here are the results thanks to [user=Delicious].

HighlightsTop ^

Absolutely wonderful! A great feature on the dungeons exactly as created in the biome, and I really like your mini hint to the Molten Fury Costume too! I felt like I was being taken into the portal to the biome, an amazing job on the story delivered -- it felt inviting and very welcoming! Honestly wish sage had that sort of power. Anyways, off to Dragonfire Peaks!

What an amazing depiction, Seiken. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the dungeons and lairs you've included, and delivered a very clear story of catastrophe and personally, shriveling fear! A very beautiful illustration, and it's always nice to see a step-up from previous efforts, colour really made everything pop this time!

You didn't have much time? The moment I saw this piece on the gallery, immediately I thought it was straight out of perfection through the consistency of the style and overall detail. I'm happy you paid attention to creating it, because it truly shows! And don't worry, by evidence of your piece, I'm pretty sure you still did your best for it. Absolutely stunning!

HAH! I couldn't agree more! Up-to-date, adorable depiction, and clear story. What more to appreciate for a hilarious take on trying to survive the dangers of Dragonfire Peaks! Additionally different from usual entries, lava fishing wasn't covered in a lot of it, so I'm glad that you're tackling the fishes that deserve a bit of interest as well. Keep up the giggles!


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