Geode Surface 5-Star Dungeons (Crystal Combat Update)

December 3, 2018 by Evilagician

Geode Surface (Crystal Combat Update) has been up for a few days, join us for a preview on the new 5-star dungeons, brought to you by Trovesaurus in collaboration with a bunny.

New dungeon type

The new dungeon type spawns on the geode surface in all variants (U8-U10). Look on your map and look for the following icon:

Within the dungeons, players can interact with the dark heart (name might change).

This activates five random spawns within the dungeon. Players need to tackle these together for the most profit. More time remaining on the clock will reward more treasure!

  • Green-eyed skulls are dungeon bosses
  • Black-eyed skulls are cursed skulls.

Completing the dungeon, Rewards Lesser Geodian Topside Cache. Multiple of those caches are granted, based on the amount of time left.

Dungeon Previews

Previews of all found 5-star dungeons, names are totally made up. If you can think of better names, leave them in the comments ^^.

5-Star Observatory

5-Star Trove Glass Biomes

5-Star Ancients Rest

5-Star Floating Cubes

5-Star Broken Keep

5-Star Hidden Underground

5-Star Clockwork Elevators

So what do you think of the new 5-star dungeons? Leave a comment below!


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