Trovesaurus Development Updates - November

December 2, 2018 by Etaew

Trovesaurus is under constant development, here are the changes we have made during the month of November.

  • Fixed an issue with the order of the comment replies. They now show oldest first, best for readability.
  • Replies to comments now generate notifications to the page author.
  • Enhanced our smart tag system to accept partial match collection identifiers, so you could use mount/raptor_trovesaurus or raptor_trovesarus in square brackets instead of collection=collections/mount/trovesaurus, partial matches will search left of your pattern
  • You can now add label to smart tags by using semi-colon after the identifier and then the text, like Sageosaurus loves mustache
  • Enhanced the smart tag system to accept any collection, item or style using identifiers or name into square brackets without any additional weird collection= for example.
  • Updated the pack tag to accept names, also added support for notes after a semi-colon
  • Added a large Troxel viewer to item pages
  • Updated the Modders page so that the modders list are non competitive, modders listed are in the order of their last mod uploaded, and updated the mod previews to use the newer system as shown on the profiles
  • Modder rank is now granted manually and will be reviewed at least once a month, there is no set required upload or likes, and we tend to value originality.
  • You can now use a blueprint identifier when searching for collections or items
  • Adjusted the appearance of the artlarge tag display, this also changes how the single art page looks
  • You can now set ally, mount and wing mods for your characters on your user profile page
  • Enabled live tag previews on the mod replaces field, so as you type you can see if your tag is working.
  • News and Guides have their table of contents and related pages moved to the sidebar
  • Updated our tag documentation and moved to dedicated page of this includes a tag test area tab
  • Adjusted the style of the page preview boxes and expanded the amount of news shown in a large style on the frontpage from 1 to 3
  • Added tag previews to the text editor of gallery upload (relation to trove), mail, profile text, contributions text areas, contributions mod form and comments.
  • Pages for patches, blog posts or announcements frmo Trion will list them as the author and not me
  • We now track the Trove Instagram on the Dev Tracker
  • The image scroller on mods will hide if there is only one image, it will also more reliably not show duplicates when your featured image is auto generated from your first image
  • Added a page to list permanent bonuses and their source at
  • Fixed an issue with the rigs page wihch overwrote the image we manually generated for rigs that had a suggested model
  • Fixed an issue with the collection parts importer not picking up the blueprints of the newly imported collections
  • Combined the tabs of the modinfo page and adjusted their appearance
  • Fixed a recently introduced issue where some likes did not register
  • You can now select your primary role on the site if you are an Artist, Modder or have Gold. This will allow you to specify the colour of your link and profile page header, by default all user links are now default colour, you can change the role by editing your profile.
  • Club owners can now set a logo on their club pages, this is used on the top of the club page and for links on user profiles.
  • When a mod has a forum thread link set, it wont display the forum search box
  • On the mod page, moved the quick links to the top of the sidebar, followed by what it replaces, followed by info. Cleaned up the info box and added an originality indicator, the originality box will hide for people when it is marked as original (unless you can edit the mod)
  • Added a dedicated plushies page so they can be found easily, instead of having to look through my bad art history. Available from the gallery dropdown nav menu or
  • Our VFX list is now searchable
  • When submitting an image to one of our database pages (style, collection, items) they will now have to be approved by a mod.
  • Club links and club page results will now use club logos if they are set
  • Cleaned up the look of the packs page again, and individual pack page
  • If a collection is unlocked from a pack it will now automatically say so.
  • Refreshed the appearance of the server status page.
  • Biome names can now be used with our smart tag system.
  • Fake item pages can now be created in the DB (internal, you will see them later)
  • Added an obtained field on item pages.
  • Related and random items on item pages now use the larger icon format.
  • Imageso n item pages are now displayed much higher up the page.
  • Site search will now acknowledge the friendly names we apply to npcs instead of the strict internal names.
  • Turned back on contributions system
  • Condensed the section on the item page, where we list the recipes that the item can be used in.
  • Artists now receive a notification when a modder is asking for art, or when there are art contests active.


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