Hey! My name is Diniry, your new CM (Community Manager). I’m not a native English speaker, so please don’t be confused if my wording might be a bit different. I joined the Community Manager Team of gamigo 5 years ago and within these 5 years you probably can assume that I had my ups and downs, but I still love to interact with players, host events and I’m pretty sure that you will learn how to handle my sarcastic demons, which are hidden within my soul!

I started to play Trove a few weeks ago and I definitely enjoyed it so far, so you can assume that my knowledge about the game is still in the process of learning. I have no doubt that I will learn everything about the game together with you guys and of course also with a helping hand from Fasti.

If you have any concerns, constructive feedback, any comment about how things were handled in the past or if you just want to have some small talk, I’m here for you!

About myself: I’m a huge fantasy fan and right now I’m totally hyped for the upcoming Fantastic Beast movie that got released recently! I love reading books and of course I’m an avid gamer. When it comes to gaming, I played pretty much every genre with the exception of horror games, where you have things that jumps into your face from a dark corner! Right now, I’m actively playing the new Assassins Creed (FOR SPARTA!!!) and sometimes in between, I also play The Sims, participate in a few seasons in Diablo 3 and I love retro games. My first and only true love when it comes to gaming is still Pokémon, so you guys can assume that I also run around like a crazy chicken in the town to catch ‘em all!

I think that I’ve talked enough about myself now and I’m sure we will get to know each other a little better within the upcoming weeks and months. To be honest, I can’t wait for the first Piñata party! So, I would say this is the “go” for you to start getting in touch and feel free to shoot any question at me but be aware, that I can’t give you details on how the future will look like for Trove. We will share every important information with you in an announcement format like the producer letter.



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