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November 6, 2018 by Etaew 139 0

Thanks to everyone that took part in our InkTrover event, we have the results ready for you thanks to our guest judges Roukirou and AirRider.


Wow. I absolutely love this drawing! I like your play on Almakhestia's name and it fits really well with the prompt of fire! Their use of cross-hatching to display gradation on the wings is especially nice, and I love the over-arch of the dragon's wings around the cube of trove. Nice job <3

Hiya Deli! As always, your art never fails to impress me! What really caught my attention in this piece was the purple palette and the matching expressions of Fulguras and the character! I could really feel that electric connection between the two! Your technique and skill with the material is on point and overall this piece suits the prompt of thunder very well. Great job <3


Your Kabiri the Firetamer looks like it could burn a hole through my computer screen lol. What a great job capturing the blazing and intimating version of an otherwise elegant mount!


What a great idea to make the egg the gift part, I never thought hoppets could be so cute!

Special Mentions

Ahhh, I love your art! and these characters are super adorable. I like the way the revenant covers the shadow hunter with both his cape AND the shield, showing how guarding he is of her! Overall really nice piece and fits the prompt well! Good job <3


Nothing screams protector then this picture does. You did an excellent job showing the desperation/determination on both of your Sh and Rev. I hope they can make it out of there unharmed.


Yo! I spy another amazing artist! The expressions on all these characters, especially that t-rex, are so darn cute! I can really tell they are all drooling and dying to get a piece of that meat! great work! <3


What a cute idea for such a simple theme! I love it ^_^




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