Trove’s Shadow’s Eve 2018

Shadow’s Eve falls upon Trove on October 23, 2018. This year the spooky celebration is bigger than ever with an 8 Adventure chain, two weeks of Daily Login Rewards, plus all-new Outpost Adventures that can be completed every day of the event!

Looking for a great guide to the festivities? Check out this post from our friends at Trovesaurus.

Shadow’s EveTop ^

Each of the 8 Shadow’s Eve Adventures awards players with a new event reward called Shadowy Seals. You can also earn these seals every day by completing the repeatable Outpost Adventures offered by NPC in front of the Pumpkin House in the Trove Hub.

Each Shadowy Seal can be used at the Shadowy Station to craft scary epic items. Collect 10 Seals to craft the Bewitching Howlug ally. Collect 25 more to craft these gorgeous new Neon Hallowings!

Pumpkin Lairs are back in full force and can appear in any biome, including Forbidden Spires. Complete these dungeons to earn Candy Corn that can be used to craft Nightmare Mystery Boxes and other creepy collectables at the Shadowy Station.

The Colossal Chiropteran and the Uncanny Coffin, which were last year’s Mystery Box top prizes, can be crafted by anyone who missed out on them before.

When completing a 1-Star Dungeon, Todstrom has a chance to appear instead of a reward chest. Defeat him for an extra treat – Candy Corn and a rare chance at a Mobile Mummy mount!

Several sought after Halloween styles have been added to the Autumn Style Unlocker – Freaky Frankie, Moonhowl Mask, Brusque Broom, Bat Bow, and Pumpkin Pounder. In addition to all that, we’ve added 3 new hats styles to the unlocker as well – Pumpkin Pie-rate Hat, Rainbow Unicorn Wig, and Candy Corn Hood!

Trove Store
The Creepy Crawly Cranium Pack is now available. This pack contains:

  • Colossal Skullcrawler mount
  • Nefarious Nekomancer Tomb Raiser costume
  • Impish Tormentor Lunar Lancer costume
  • Bonkers Ally
  • Haunted Pumpkinling Ally
  • 3,750 Credits

The Gourdzilla mount is back and can be purchased for Credits.

Spooky Swag Bag is a returning Shadow’s Eve pack that’s now also available for Credits.

We’re thrilled to have you share your spoopy adventures with us during this frightfully fun holiday celebration!


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