Neon City Art Contest Results

October 4, 2018 by Etaew

Thanks for taking part in our Neon City biome art contest, our guest judges have posted their results. Thanks to Ylva and mau5head.

YlvaTop ^

This artist combined both subbiomes and neon ninja class, unusual approach. Has a nice cyberpunk feel to it.

Very cute! Exact capture of "oh my, its 3 am and im finally done farming that neon dragon" feeling.

Mau5headTop ^

Wow, this looks awesome! I love it because of its epic composition! The way you set the background of neon city is so cool, and the backlighting on the character really helps to emphasize the figure, which makes it even more epic and dramatic! This is exactly how I feel whenever I jump from a high neon city building :3

A Neon city ring!! I really love the creativity on this one. Only few would come up with an idea of building Neon City upon their finger, and how cool is that! Now that I said it, I personally wish I had a ring like this ':3
Also, I like the way you displayed the ring in the last picture. Great work!


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