Trovesaurus Development Diary - June / July / August / September

October 2, 2018 by Etaew

Sage would like to present a list of changes made to the Trovesaurus site since June, he wants to say sorry that has has been too lazy to post them monthly.

Art by [user=Delicious]

JuneTop ^

  • Art Contests
    • Our valid entry indicator will now allow builds submitted without a relation to Trove (since you are building in Trove)
  • Added support for a PTS version of the item, collection, styles and npcs DBs
    • although this is pretty rough in places, links to pts items will use the same url as live, and so when changes are made to live no change is needed.
  • Translation Mods:
    • Cleaned up the tool, the pages could get pretty long, now the files are split into categories
    • Users can now reset individual entries to default
    • Fixed an issue where HTML values could not be saved
  • Added Geode pages for:
    • Map
    • Modules
    • Companions
    • Caves
  • Lore Pages
    • You can now upload images to, and post comments to these pages
    • Added an index to the lore page showing most referenced lore
    • (We are looking for people to help put together an appropriate lore homepage with grouped categories - will reward)
  • Database Importer
    • The Strings importer will now highlight changed strings
  • Collections
    • Entries with long names and a comma usually indicate a shorter name beforehand, so we now use these in searches to fill out page details
  • Tags
    • Added a new tag [itemicon] for use in guides and articles
      • [itemicon=chaos chest]
        [itemicon=chaos chest;128]
    • Added a new tag [spoiler]
      • [spoiler=the title]
        some stuff
        some stuff
    • [npc] tag can now accept an arguement to change the size of the image
      • [npc=identifier;128]
  • Mods
    • Fixed an issue where the mod publishing sidebar did not correctly check for a mod image in the proper place
  • User Profiles
    • Updated the character sheets to no longer display default images, if there is an in-game screenshot it will display that first, if there is art, it will display that.

JulyTop ^

  • Contributions
    • Select users can now be bypass the approval process for submitting site details
  • Database Importer
    • Unified the import process for PTS and Live, to prevent duplicate awkward code
    • Fixed an issue preventing the import of certain recipes
    • Fixed some issues with the profession importers
    • Fixed an issue where hundreds of deco icons weren't displaying
  • User Profiles
    • Tweaked the character sheet for smaller icons, moved the images up, and description text used a line
    • The user profile page has had a appearance refresh
    • Geode Mastery can now be set, and is now show on the top card
    • Removed total power rank display across classes
    • Toolbox link status moved to the top of the header, this link is visible only on your profile
    • Removed followers tab and sidebar box
    • Following information is now for private
    • Removed level change info from the classes tab
    • Removed badges sidebar
    • Removed activity log from the user home
    • Added new characters sidebox and new field for a preview image
    • Attempted to make the page a little more pleasant to those on mobiles
  • Items
    • Items can now be set overwritten names, for times when they appear differently to the player vs the client files
  • Mods
    • Removed the coloured background for the mod notes, to cater for different themes
  • Packs
    • Condensed the packs page slightly, was ugly
  • Artists
    • Fixed an issue where new artists were not recognised, artists can be recalculated every time their art is liked by another artist or they upload a new piece to the gallery
    • Art submitted outside official contest times are no longer considered valid entries
    • Reduced the size of the yellow indicators representing multiple entries in a single contest
    • Fixed an issue where art that had a collection identifier or name mentioned in the Relation to Trove field, would not be noticed on that collection pages art list
  • Anti Spam
    • Locked down some more site features to intelligently detect more bad tihngs and stop them
  • Dungeons
    • Restored the ability for users to create dungeon entries on their profile, for user created dungeons, this requires they already have a dungeon listed there
  • Rigs
    • You can now sort rigs by name, the default remains popularity
  • Search Results
    • The Pages tab is now split into News and Guides tabs
  • Guides
    • Tags on guide pages will now take you to the appropriate results on guides, and not news pages
  • Tags
    • Added a [ colour=hex ] tag for use in creating colour blocks
  • Items
    • Designer credit is now show on item and deco pages
  • Nav Bar
    • The searchbar has been moved to the top, and other buttons are below on a single line
    • The top userbar has been condensed into a single dropdown menu
    • Removed option to switch theme or language for not logged in users, for others you can now change this option in the profile
  • Home Page
    • Cleaned up the front page to be a little more pleasant on mobiles

AugustTop ^

  • Facebook
    • We no longer publish news and giveaways to Facebook due to an API change, we may remove our Facebook page as we don't monitor that often, or publish to it now.
  • Items
    • Enabled the Mod Info tab for Companions
  • Mods
    • When mods are published, the creation date is set to the publish date
  • Mobiles
    • Improved the appearance of collection, deco, style and mod pack pages on mobiles
  • Collections
    • Added better filters for type, to help restore some of the lost functionality from the submenu removal
    • Updated the style to the new standard large icon views
  • Artists
    • Adjusted the line at which we recognise artists to, this is an awkward to automatically determine, we may move back to manual recognition.
  • Tags
    • Fixed an issue where designer credit was hidden when using certain tags
    • Added a new [collections] tag, to output a list of collections by category, a good example of this is the Streamer and Dev Dream boxes.
    • [collections=category]
  • Troxel
    • Updated Troxel links to a newer version of Troxel
    • We now warn you when a link likely won't be found on Troxel
    • Modders can now submit custom Troxel links to item and collection pages through the Contribution system
  • Dev Tracker
    • Started listening to Steam Forums for developer posts
    • Fixed an issue which stalled the dev tracker
  • Lore
    • Lore results will now return exact matches first, partial matches are on a different tab
    • Clickable lore descriptions now group words that are together like Sun Goddess into a single link (removed)
  • Contributions
    • New contributions cannot be submitetd if there is already a pending submission for review for that page and field
    • Added a contributions button to the profile dropdown menu, earn reward tokens for submissions to the database.
    • Contributions can now be tweaked by the reviewers before approval, this allows small fixes instead of complete rejection
  • Rigs
    • We can now set specific images on the rigs page, this allows us to start setting full images instead of just heads
    • NPC rigs moved from NPC page to the Rigs page
    • Base models for a rig are now listed
    • Added QBCL direct download links
  • Dungeons
    • Improved and unified the way we list these

SeptemberTop ^

  • Collections
    • Mod Info
      • is now split into tabs
      • Part List
        • fixed an issue preventing some parts being loaded with incosistent capitalisation from Trion
        • Highlighted a few section of the parts with capitals and bold
      • You can now see other collections which use the same VFX
    • You can now filter collections by a few stats using the new dropdown list
    • Geode Companions are now referenced from the collections tablen ow
    • Collection results that link to items (fish/companions) will now respect changed icons instead of being stubborn
    • When viewing collection results by file, and then subcategory, you can return to the file with one cilck
    • Added support for our editors to use improved and custom icons for collection pages
    • Disabled the View on Wiki button on pages with placeholder names
  • Mod Packs
    • These are now hidden by default, they can be made visible when it has mods in it
    • You can now set a featured image
    • You can now have multiple editors
    • Can now have a Type of "Release"
      • These types allow you to add unreleased mods from you or other editors
      • When the mod pack is released, the pack will be announced, and all mods within the pack will become visible
    • Notifications are now generated when they are not visible, hid notifications from unreleased mods when they are in a release pack
    • Added a new button to find the mod packs that you can edit, with a tab on the Mod Packs page
  • Page Editors
    • You can now use names and not just IDs!!
  • Rigs
    • Rigs can now have dedicated pages, so you don't have to load up the full list
    • These pages display all the entities which use the rig
    • Mods which use the rig are also displayed
  • Global
    • Added a Return to Top button at the bottom of every page
    • Unified a way for lists of pages to be output
    • Condensed the promotions box
    • Refactored the permissions system
    • Fixed an issue where art contest information would display on a non art contest
  • Biomes
    • Fixed an issue where some of the biome styles were listed away from their category
  • Profile
    • The following list is now sorted alphabetically
  • Designers
    • We can now support designers who have used other names before in Trove, e.g. Ms Delicious was renamed to Delicious and has item credits under both names. Speak to Etaew to sort this.
    • Fixed an issue where author links weren't clickable on some dungeons, and some dungeons weren't appearing on the designers profile page.
    • Designers table is now visible, you can now sort and find certain designers and see what they have created, even if they don't have a Trovesaurus account
  • Search
    • Fixed pagination on guide results
    • News / Guide results are now displayed in a shorter list
  • Mods
    • You can no longer transfer mods to a non existent user
    • You can now use a username as well as an ID when transferring to another user
    • Notification mails are generated when you transfer
    • You can now schedule mods to be released at a future time, as well as continue to post them manually
    • Notifications are now generated for mods that are requesting an artist
    • Added a new box to show the status of a mod, whether it is collaborative, or has credit from other sources (Original / Collaborative / Inspired)
    • There is now a main image area on the mod page, and you can change the image from the thumbnails below
    • Tweaked the appearanec of the mod page slightly, moders who cant find the button to add downloads, it is now next to edit
    • Mods can now be hot
    • Added a way to directly edit the mod notes / credit section
    • If moderators set a note on your mod, the note becomes locked and you can't edit or remove it, the user is also notified of this note
    • Can now be applied to a Theme
    • Can now only be set to Looking for Artist when it is visible and has no notes, the box has also been moved to the right
    • The editor component of the text field of mod pages is now a full editor insteaed of light
    • Unreleased mods are condensed into a single notification
    • Unreleased mod packs are condensed into a single notification
  • Artists
    • Notifications are now generated for art that is requesting a modder
    • Art will now announce to Discord that it is hot, when it has received 3 artist likes and has been several days since creation (removed)
  • VFX
    • We are now able to monitor new VFX that is added in patches
    • The VFX section can now be split by categories and subcategories
    • VFX can now have their own pages, which tell you which items use them
  • Comments
    • Replies to comments once again generate notification emails
  • Database Importer
    • Fixed an issue with the recipe importer and imported some missing recipes
    • The recipe importer will now respect changes in crafting table and category
  • Code Vault
    • The code vault will now hide code groups with no available codes
  • Dungeons
    • Now grouped by type, instead of merged together
  • Themes
    • Now tabbed and split by collection, items, styles and mods
  • Gallery
    • The Liked button now loads much quicker and now displays in the order that you have liked things
  • Deco
    • Removed Trophies from the results on this page
    • Added missing Geode Deco
  • Pages
    • Removed the ability to create a subpage, this feature wasn't used much, we don't do a lot of translating any more. If you want this back, please request it.
  • NPCs
    • Split the NPC page to display forum mentions and dev tracker on another tab, it could make the page quite long
    • Updated the identifier for the npc pages for comments, images, and contributions, this fixes an issue where people viewing an edit were taken to the wrong page
  • Biomes
    • Can now have parent biomes for listing purposes, when visiting them you are redirected to the main biome
  • Tags
    • Added a new internal tag [ pack=id ] to generate a pack link
  • Classes
    • Added a Mod Info tab on the class pages, and started filling with delicious info on related assets for the class, like dino models, and their variations
  • Notifications
    • Added a new notifications system, to replace a lot of the Private Messages and Emails the site generates (the less emails the site sends, the more reliable and quicker login emails are)
    • Certain notifications can now be dismissed (use the tick)
    • Systems transferred
      • Art or Mods liked
      • Approved contributions
      • Page, build, art and mods commented on
    • System notifications are now grouped
      • Draft Pages
      • Looking for Artists
      • Looking for Modders


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