Spaghetti Ally Mod Contest - Highlights

October 2, 2018 by Evilagician

We asked James (Kytsu) for his opinion on the spaghetti allies. Here are his highlights on the modding challenge. Thank you all for participating in this modding challenge. We might do some more quickies in the future!


Do note, as a developer, he will still need to make his own dev ally, but the modded allies will be a great inspiration for his ally.

Favorite, most creative and funniest picks


A hot pile of spaghetti on a plate. Made for Spaghetti ally mod contest.


My take on the Spaghetti Ally Mod Contest for James


A meatball that has been bitten is looking for revenge.
"Who bit me?" *Kytsu whistles as he walks away*

Other submissions


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